Teacher Mary Baker Flips Her Classroom With Edmodo

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July 11th, 2013

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Mary Baker is an elementary teacher at Hilton Head Island Elementary school in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Connect with Mary on Edmodo or follow her on Twitter!

Edmodo was the critical venue for establishing the first flipped classroom at Hilton Head Elementary International Baccalaureate (IB) Class. It was so successful, that next year (2013-14),  I’m happy to announce a second IB flipped 5th grade classroom added to our school.

Finding and Sharing Resources

Edmodo not only provides a reliable platform for screencasts, but it has many great features. As a teacher, some of my favorites include:

  • Discover – a great way to find new resources
  • The Library – awesome for organizing curriculum resources

PYP Exhibition Projects Through Edmodo

For two years now, our Exhibition Projects took root through Edmodo. These projects are the culmination of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). Throughout the years, students explore personal interests and passions that fuel them to facilitate change by bringing awareness to local and global issues. This gives students the opportunity to demonstrate independence, citizenship, and responsibility with the desire to facilitate global change.

Our Flipped Class PYP Exhibition found its collaborative catalyst with Edmodo. As a grade level, 108 students joined an Edmodo 5th Grade Group/ individual Flipping Class Group. From here our team disseminated information and facilitated student research.

Our Favorite Apps

Student Favs: BrainNook, Classroom Management, Go Animate
Teacher Favs: LearnZillion, PowToon, MobyMax

Advice for Teachers New to Edmodo

Just get in there and play around! Try all the features and see what you can do. Do not feel you must be an expert before introducing it to your students. Just show it to them and say you are all in the learning curve. Students will run with it. Here are a few places to start:

  • Have your students sign up right away. You can set them to Read Only until you feel comfortable with the social aspect of Edmodo.
  • Find the “Discover” link right away. You will find more support and resources than you could imagine. 
  • Add resources to your Library. Play with the folders and learn to share Folders with your students.

3 responses to “Teacher Mary Baker Flips Her Classroom With Edmodo”

  1. sarah owen says:

    Awesome class! I was proud to have my daughter in this class! Students were engaged and learned so much!

  2. leanne Hudleston says:

    This is an awesome idea and the kids love it! I used it in my 5th grade classroom along with Khan Academy. I would assign a particular video the night before and the next morning, we were ready to go with questions and real-world applications. Great tool!

  3. Iris G.Tennison says:

    Hello Mary 🙂

    I just knew you would have a great year, as a Flip Class, just from hearing how eager and excited you were as you shared with me some of your hopes and aspirations you were anticipating having with your students at the beginning of last year!
    I am wishing you another “Great” year!

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