Five Ways to Get Your Students on Edmodo

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September 13th, 2013

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Getting all your students to join Edmodo can sometimes be a challenge. We know you may not have the time to follow up with each one, so we’ve put together a few creative ways to help them set up their accounts:

  1. Set a deadline and award an Edmodo Badge or participation points for those who join in time.

  2. Create a scavenger hunt of Edmodo activities that every student needs to complete. Check out this example from Edmodo teacher, Melissa Butler.

  3. Promise to install a fun Edmodo App in the group if the entire class signs up by a specified date.

  4. Break up the class into groups and create a friendly competition–the first group to get all of its members on Edmodo wins!

  5. Encourage parent participation by sharing instructions and having them help students set up an Edmodo account at home.

Do you have a special trick for bringing your students onboard? We’d love to hear it! Share your ideas in the comments.

Learn more about how students can join.

4 responses to “Five Ways to Get Your Students on Edmodo”

  1. Tell them that there is app availavle as well to sign up!

  2. Via says:

    If you post homework, assignments, and challenges on there, as well as encourage them to use it to post homework questions, it will definitely get them on there. It’s also handy for if you’re running out of time in class and you can just say “I’ll post the homework on Edmodo” without having to make your class late.

  3. makayla says:

    I think edmodo is cool and it will be good for kids including that i am a kid

  4. Sandie says:

    I put up videos and along with the video, tell the students that those who watch it and write down 3 facts that they learn, they will get extra bonus points on their next test. I do not let the students know when they are going to be there so that they have to get onto Edmodo every night to check.
    I will also give the first student who goes on some days a reward for “checking in”

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