Edmodo Awards 10 Most Collaborative Districts Across the U.S.

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October 1st, 2013

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Happy Connected Educator Month! Last week, we announced our Connected Educator Webinar series, and today we’re recognizing the most collaborative Edmodo school districts across the nation.

Connected Educator Month is about inspiring more educators to communicate and collaborate. This year, there is particular focus on the role school leaders can play in powering up the learning environment through the innovative use of technology. Edmodo has identified 10 districts, along with one state and county, who stand out for the number of teachers they have connecting, sharing resources, teaching, and learning on Edmodo. These districts are supporting and embracing a culture of collaboration as a way to build teacher capacity and improve student outcomes–something we can all get behind!

Please join us in applauding our honorees. To visualize how teachers within these districts are working collaboratively, click on each district for a graphic that illustrates the level of connectedness. Each dot represents a teacher, and each line represents a connection between teachers.

Top 2012-2013 Districts

Fulton County Visualization

Collaboration in Fulton County, member of Digital Promise’s League of Innovative Schools

Top 2012-2013 County

Special recognition for connecting rural districts in building capacity for Common Core

Top 2012-2013 State

Special recognition for connecting all STEM educators in the state of Hawaii

Congratulations to all the winners! Each will be awarded $5,000 in Edmodo Store Credit and an Edmodo professional development day.

Digital Promise

It’s clear that the leaders within Edmodo’s most connected districts fully support teacher growth through collaboration and networking. In addition to establishing connections via Edmodo, some of our Top 10 districts are also part of other national efforts, such as Digital Promise’s League of Innovative Schools initiative.

Led by CEO and President Karen Cator, Digital Promise is a unique partnership that aims to bring everyone together–educators, entrepreneurs, and researchers–to spur innovation in education and improve lifelong learning for all Americans. Karen has this to say about the role that social networks are playing in engaging educators and provoking collaboration:

“Within the League of Innovative Schools and around the country, we have seen incredible engagement when teachers connect around the wealth of learning opportunities available online. We’re thrilled for our League members to receive this recognition,” said Cator, a long-standing champion of connected schools who supported Connected Educator Month while serving as Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education. “These districts are enhancing learning by transforming the way students are taught and how teachers instruct. Social networks, like Edmodo, offer educators the resources to fuel connection and power up the learning environment.”

New Ways to Connect on Edmodo

Edmodo teachers are continually connecting and collaborating: in their classrooms with students, with parents, and with each other. Every day we see and hear examples of teachers sharing and learning together, and not just within their schools and districts. Together, we’re creating a global community of Connected Educators, through both formal PLCs and initiatives, as well as informal and often spontaneous collaborations.

Building on this energy and momentum, here are three new ways you can grow and improve your connections:

  1. Join the Connected Educator Group on Edmodo
  2. Participate in our Connected Educator Month webinar series
  3. Mentor a fellow colleague and share your experiences in our Power of One contest



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