Webinar Rewind: The Power of Collaboration on Edmodo

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November 8th, 2013

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While Connected Educator Month (CEM) has come and gone, we believe in creating connections through Edmodo all year long. If you’re still looking to learn how you can meet other educators in our network, check out the recorded version of this CEM-focused webinar.

In The Power of One: From Connection to Collaboration in the Global Edmodo Network, author and educational technologist Adam Bellow shares the joys of being a connected educator, and discusses how the Edmodo network is changing education by connecting educators across the globe every day. Joined by Edmodo Support Ambassador Kristina Holzweiss, you’ll also hear  how you can connect with like-minded educators through the hundreds of professional learning communities on Edmodo.

If you’re looking to connect with and learn from a worldwide network of educators, watch or download this webinar today.

2 responses to “Webinar Rewind: The Power of Collaboration on Edmodo”

  1. tasneemali says:

    I am a novel Edmodo user and wish to learn more from the opportunities Edmodo provides.I am sure the webinar will prove very fruitful for me.

  2. Karen Olges says:

    Collaboration is the essence of teamwork. Edmodo offers another avenue for grade-level, horizontal, state and national teamwork in teaching!

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