FAQ: How to Manage Groups at the End of a Grading Period

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December 20th, 2013

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As many of you wrap up the semester and gear up for the next one, you’ll be happy to know that you and your students can keep your existing Edmodo accounts across grading periods. There’s no need to create new ones; you can simply archive your old groups and create ones for the upcoming semester.

To learn more about this and other best practices, check out the following video tutorial and frequently asked questions, and enjoy a smooth transition into the new year!

1) What do I do with my groups at the end of a grading period?

We recommend you create new groups at the start of every grading period and archive your old groups. Archiving a Group saves all of its work and grades, prevents any new posts from being made to the Group, and clears the gradebook in your Progress section.

If you want to reuse the name of an archived Group, be sure to rename the existing Group, as you will not be able to use an existing name when you create a new Group.

2) How do I clear my gradebook for the new grading period?

To clear the gradebook for a Group, archive the Group and create a new one for the next grading period. Before you archive your groups, we recommend creating a copy of your class’ grades by exporting your gradebook.

3) How do I get my students into my new Group?

Students who have never created an Edmodo account can create one to join. Students with existing accounts can join using the Group Code or Join URL—no new account creation required. If a locked code is used, you’ll get a notification asking you to approve or deny each join request.

4) Can I reuse previously created tests and quizzes in my new groups?

Yes. It’s easy to load previously created assignments and quizzes, and assign them to your new groups.

5) How do I delete posts from last grading period?

It’s not possible to mass delete posts, but don’t worry, you don’t need to! You can create new groups and archive your old groups instead. Once new posts appear in your new groups, old posts will no longer appear on your “Latest Posts” page.

6) How can I monitor my groups over break?

Monitoring your groups is easy from any mobile device. If you don’t plan to check your groups regularly over the break, set your students to read-only or choose to moderate all posts. This will ensure you stay in full control of your groups!

7) How do I get my students’ parents ready for the new grading period?

If the parent has an Edmodo account and the student is using an existing account, the parent is all set. When the student joins or leaves classes, the parent account will automatically update. If a parent has never created an account, he or she can easily create one by obtaining the student’s Parent Code.

8) What do I do if a student forgets his/her login information?

If the student is in your Group, you can find the student’s username and reset the password on the Group’s “Members” page. If the student isn’t in your Group, the owner of a Group the student is in can reset the student’s password.

Want to learn more? Visit our Help Center, or contact our Support Team with any further questions.

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