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Mood Swings: Using Lyrics to Teach Contrasting Writing Concepts

Sometimes I can sneak up on my students like a metaphorical ninja and before they know it, I have dropped some literary terms into their brains. A throwing star of knowledge right in the face. Music is something that allows that to happen. They do not realize they are learning something as boring as literary […]

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Top 5 Math and ELA-Based Apps

Yesterday, we introduced you to five creativity-based apps perfect for back-to-school. Today, we’d like to share five more, to supplement your Common Core lessons plans. Available on the Edmodo Store, each of the following apps is focused on Math or ELA, and helps make learning personal and fun—some are even games that students will never […]

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Top 5 Creativity Apps for Your Classroom

You know the power of Edmodo for streamlining student assignments and simplifying teaching with technology. Power up your lesson plans even further and ignite your students’ imaginations with these creativity-based apps from the Edmodo Store: 5. eduCanon Interactive Video Great for video lessons, gauging comprehension Price: Free Embed questions into online videos and transform content into an […]

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Support Tip of the Week: Discover Where Your Students Stand in a Snap

It’s a new school year, and even if you have brand new students, Edmodo is here to help you to start the year knowing exactly where your students stand on Common Core and other state standards. A pre-assessment at the beginning of a school, semester, or unit year paves the way for you to deliver […]

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Composing Ways for Students to Creatively Write to Your Beat

On the first day of school, I give my students a pep talk. My goals for the year are laid out. I tell them I expect them to leave my class better writers and more careful readers. But beyond that, and more importantly to me, I want them to leave as better people. I want […]

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It’s Time to Bring Some Balance to Student Testing

So which is it: “Tests are evil and the people who defend them are trying to hurt children and schools,” or “Tests are the only reliable information we have about student performance because you can’t trust anything else coming from schools”? Once the extreme views and character assassinations are left at the door, hopefully there […]


The Power of Edmodo and Small Groups

Just one student can change your life. One visually-impaired student and Edmodo changed my teaching. I have been using Edmodo for several years, but not until this year did I realize its power. Why did I choose Edmodo for my class and Armondo? It’s a safe learning platform, allows for the integration of  multimedia tools, is great for differentiated instruction, and acts […]

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Calling All Students: Create the Next Kat McGee Adventure!

What story would you tell? Ever dream of becoming an author? Want to create your own adventure? Want to see your imagination come alive on the page? We have a challenge just for you! School Library Journal, Edmodo, and In This Together Media want YOU to be the brains behind the next Kat McGee book. In her […]

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Support Tip of the Week: Quick and Easy Ways to Get Your Students on Edmodo

While an empty classroom may be peaceful, it’s not where learning happens. The same goes for an Edmodo Group; you want your students signed up and added to your Group so they can engage with the rich learning opportunities Edmodo provides. As a teacher, you have full control over who enters your Edmodo Groups, and […]

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#EdmodoChat Rewind: Digital Citizenship in Your Classroom

Want to make your students good digital citizens? Sneak a peek at last night’s #EdmodoChat on Twitter and see how other educators define digital citizenship, learn the essentials they use to keep students safe in a digital world, get advice on how to add digital safety to your lessons plans, and more! Want to join the conversation? Follow […]

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Design New Ways to Spark Student Creativity With Tackk

Aside from being a teacher for five years for the School District of Philadelphia, most recently at Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade, I’m a husband, father, veteran, coach, and Scout Leader. On a flight from Philadelphia to Florida, I saw an advertorial in my in-flight magazine for Tackk, a free way to create web pages […]

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Download the Redesigned Edmodo iPhone App

Looking for a way to use Edmodo on the go? Get the latest version of the Edmodo iPhone app, now available on iTunes. When you make mobile part of your back-to-school planning, you open up a world of digital possibilities that enable you to engage students in the classroom and out of it. The updated […]

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Top 5 Things You Missed About School

From school supply sales, to the number of Edmodo accounts being awoken from their summer slumber, and the sudden increase in traffic during our morning commute, it’s official: back-to-school season is here! While you were enjoying the good ol’ days of summer, we wondered what things you secretly missed about being in school. We asked, […]

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Support Tip of the Week: Help Students Express Themselves With Custom Avatars

Here’s a new buzz word for you: Edmodentity. What’s that, you say? We say it’s the personal sense of connection one feels to their Edmodo account. Because a student who’s engaged is a student who’s invested, they can now personalize their Edmodo experience and express their true Edmodentity with avatars. With the new Edmodo Avatar […]

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#EdmodoChat Rewind: Starting the School Year With Edmodo

Looking for ways to flip your classroom this back-to-school season? Find out how you can do just that with Edmodo. Check out last night’s #EdmodoChat on Twitter to see how other teachers use Edmodo to get ready for the new school year and secure parent buy-in, and discover their favorite activities, apps, and more. Want to join the conversation? Follow @Edmodo and add […]

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Ace the School Year With Edmodo Webinars and FAQs

Just like your students, even teachers sometimes forget a thing or two over the summer. Your students have you for support, so we created something you can rely on: the Edmodo Help Center. With hundreds of resources, it’s got everything you need to become an Edmodo techxpert. As you ramp up for another school year, […]

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Get Your EdmodoCon 2014 Recordings, Certificate, and More

Want to keep the inspiring momentum of EdmodoCon going? Now you can: Download your Certificate of Attendance. Show off your participation to all your colleagues. You gathered a lot of great ideas during our day of professional development  and here’s your proof! Display your EdmodoCon 2014 Badge. Check out your Edmodo Profile for our exclusive […]

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My Journey to EdmodoCon 2014 and Back

Wow, I am back from a whirlwind trip spanning the United States from Miami, Florida, to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and finally the Edmodo headquarters in San Mateo, California. With 3,108 miles and countless memories collected along the way, I am back in Miami, ready to become a cliff diver* for the 2014-2015 school year, […]

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10 Things I Learned at EdmodoCon 2014

While we were busy behind-the-scenes running EdmodoCon technologically, our presenters were up front and center, recording everything they saw and heard socially. Valerie Knauer, who presented “From Tech Illiterate to Tech Savvy: How to Foster Non-Cognitive Skills in Edmodo,” counted down everything she learned on Twitter (@vjknauer). Check out her top 10 takeaways and add […]

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#EdmodoChat Rewind: EdmodoCon 2014 Takeaways

Are you still reeling from EdmodoCon? So are we!  So much goes into planning the event and it’s inspiring to see and hear all the ways it helps you in the days that follow. Last night, educators gathered on Twitter to talk about where they watched EdmodoCon, their favorite sessions, and how they’ll put everything […]

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EdmodoCon 2014 Wrap-Up: iPhone App Makeover, Avatars, and Edmodo Shop

Phew—what a day! Over 44,000 people registered for this year’s EdmodoCon and thanks to our presenters and attendees from around the world, so many amazing ideas were shared. To add to the excitement, Edmodo Co-founder Nic Borg announced some of the great things we’re launching for you this school year, including: A redesigned iPhone app. […]

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5 Ways to Prep for EdmodoCon 2014 on August 6

EdmodoCon 2014 is only two days away! We know how you love to plan ahead, so here’s a short to-do list to get you ready for the virtual, all-day event. Just don’t forget that EdmodoCon is THIS Wednesday, August 6, from 7:00 am–6:00 pm PDT! Download the starter kit. A handy-dandy guide that will make […]

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4 Ways to Become a Snapshot Trailblazer

Common Core has raised a lot of questions over the past year and will generate even more come back-to-school. Thanks to Edmodo Snapshot, thousands of you have already found some answers and are looking for an easy way to share it with your fellow teachers. Now through October 31, you can sign up to be […]

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Meet Steve Johnson, EdmodoCon 2014 Speaker

As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend! Steve Johnson Teaching Mythology with Technology: Engaging Students in […]

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#EdmodoChat Rewind: Why Educators Love EdmodoCon

EdmodoCon is just a week and a half away, and judging from last night’s #EdmodoChat, you’re just as excited as we are! Both veterans and newbies participated, sharing resources, most anticipated sessions, and tips on how to get the most out of the educational professional development event of the year. If you want to become […]

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Meet Monique Dalli & Jessica McCarthy, EdmodoCon 2014 Speakers

As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend! Edmodo That! Unique Ways to Connect and Learn Wednesday, […]

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#EdmodoChat Rewind: Using Edmodo for Professional Development

All week long, we’ve been talking about EdmodoCon—the educational professional development event of the year. Just last night, our Ambassadors were talking about how Edmodo can be used for PD. What timing! Check out how your fellow educators work with each other to chat, share ideas, create a backchannel, and more, when logged in to Edmodo at a conference […]

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Meet Shellie Carson & Deanna Menchaca, EdmodoCon 2014 Speakers

As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend!   Building and Spreading the Edmodo Wildfire Wednesday, August […]

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Meet Valerie (Shull) Knauer, EdmodoCon 2014 Speaker

As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend!   Valerie (Shull) Knauer From Tech Illiterate to Tech […]

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Meet Nathan Garvin, EdmodoCon 2014 Speaker

As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend!   Nathan Garvin “Leveling Up” Student Writing With Badges […]

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Meet James Garner & Rachel Stokes, EdmodoCon 2014 Speakers

As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend!   Creating a Diverse, College- and Career-Ready Tech Culture […]

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Meet Beatrice Lopez, EdmodoCon 2014 Speaker

As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend! Beatrice Lopez Solving D3: Data-Driven, Differentiated Instruction Wednesday, August […]

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Meet Stacy Lynn Fritz, EdmodoCon 2014 Speaker

As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend! Stacy Lynn Fritz Moving Beyond the Classroom Walls: Connecting […]

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Meet Sheryl Place, EdmodoCon 2014 Speaker

As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend!   Sheryl Place Redefining Learning with Limited Tech Wednesday, […]

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Register for Our July 22 “Train-the-Trainer” Webinar

As educators, you’re the power behind our network—every day, you collaborate and communicate with peers, administrators, students, parents, and publishers. You help our global learning community curate valuable resources, differentiate and personalize learning, assess growth, and enhance their practice daily. Join us for a free, one-hour “Train-the-Trainer” webinar on Tuesday, July 22 (1:00 pm PDT/4:00 […]

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How to Host an EdmodoCon 2014 Viewing Party

Being a teacher, you know the value of learning in groups—and we all agree it’s more fun, too. So how about turning professional development into a party? An EdmodoCon viewing party! With EdmodoCon in just four short weeks, it’s time to start planning with your fellow teachers and colleagues to get the most out of […]

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Edmodo Website Gets a Makeover

Just like you, we’re invested in improving learning outcomes—especially when it comes to people learning about Edmodo. So we redesigned our website to make it a comprehensive resource where you can find everything you’d ever want to know about Edmodo. And because we try to emulate educators in everything we do, we created a site […]

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Introducing Edmodo for Windows 8.1

In response to the variety of mobile devices being used for education, we’re happy to announce that Edmodo is now available for Windows 8.1. Created to meet the needs and preferences of classrooms around the world, teachers and students now have even more options when using Edmodo. Optimized for Windows 8.1, the app includes live […]

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Calling All Aspiring Edmodo Ambassadors

Are you passionate about changing the world of education through ed­tech? Do you have a special place in your heart for Edmodo? Are you an early adopter when it comes to the latest classroom tools and practices? If you answered yes to these questions, are looking for way to inspire other educators, and want to […]

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#EdmodoChat Rewind: Unlimited Ideas for Classrooms With Limited Access

Living in a digital world can be a challenge when you’re a teacher with limited access to devices. In last night’s #EdmodoChat, educators shared ways they make it work in the classroom and on Edmodo. From BYOD to Small Groups, connecting with other classrooms, and more, teachers proved that their devices may be limited, but their imaginations are not! […]

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Webinar Rewind: The Many Ways to Assess Your Students With Edmodo

Just like you, Rob Zdrojewski has to gauge student understanding of classroom content and Common Core State Standards. Since the best advice comes from people who’ve already walked a mile in your shoes, Zdrojewski wants to share how he uses Edmodo to take the guessing out of assessing his middle school students. Watch his recent […]

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Come Say “Hi!” at ISTE 2014

With a break from the kids, spend some you time connecting and learning at ISTE, one of the industry’s best education technology conferences. We hope to see you in Atlanta; whether we’re singing together or talking shop, there are lots of opportunities for our paths to cross between June 28 and July 1: Visit Edmodo in […]

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#EdmodoChat Rewind: Uncovering Edmodo’s Hidden Treasures

Our Ambassadors are more than Edmodo experts—they’re practically professional Tweeters!  In last night’s #EdmodoChat, they shared the features they use most (teachers LOVE their badges) and discussed ways to use the ones they’re less familiar with. Check out their ideas, examples, and expertise! Want to join the conversation? Follow @Edmodo and add your Tweets to the #EdmodoChat every Thursday at 7:00 pm EST. Looking […]

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Keep Students Tuned In to Safety Year-Round

This is a guest post from Billy Krakower, in recognition of Internet Safety Month. A 3rd and 4th grade teacher of computer technology at Beatrice Gilmore in Woodland Park, New Jersey, and an Edmodo Certified Trainer and Ambassador, he understands the value of keeping students protected online. Cyber safety is very important to teach at […]

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#EdmodoChat Rewind: Gamification on Edmodo

Last night, our worldwide community of educators participated in an #EdmodoChat on Twitter to talk gamification. See what ideas, examples, and expertise was shared, and find new ways to gamify your classroom and engage students on Edmodo! Want to join the conversation? Follow @Edmodo and add your Tweets to the #EdmodoChat every Thursday at 7:00 pm EST. Looking for other […]

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Show & Tell: David Casseres, Edmodo

This blog series lets you get to know the people at Edmodo. From what we do at the company, to some of our firsts and favorites, sneak a peek as we get personal. David spent his early childhood in Costa Rica, until his mother moved the family to the U.S. in 1948 to protect them […]


Webinar Rewind: Creating a Blended Elementary Classroom with Edmodo

The flipped-classroom creates a personalized brand of learning that excites and engages students in ways traditional homework never could. In her 2nd grade classroom, Sarah Eaton ignites a desire to learn by providing her students with polls, apps downloaded from the Edmodo Store, and other activities meant to extend learning in and outside of her […]

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Join the Founders4Schools Community on Edmodo

To build connections between classrooms and successful, growing business leaders, Founders4Schools has launched a community on Edmodo. Based in the UK, Founders4Schools provides teachers with a quick and easy way to create events that inspire students to consider business and entrepreneurship as a high impact career choice. At each event, high quality, inspiring local founders […]

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Your 2014 End of School Year Checklist

School’s almost out for summer! To help you organize this past school year and prepare for the next one, we pulled together an end of year checklist for all the ways you use Edmodo. Following are some tips and tricks for the features you use most. The best part? These ensure you and your students […]


Teacher Appreciation Week: Realizing Personal Potential With Phyllis Speicher

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Kevin Jenkins, a member of our Product team, shares a personal story of teachers from his past; ones who taught him to imagine the possibilities. Starting at Edmodo was unlike any job experience I’d ever had. All of a sudden, I felt this surge of nostalgia and appreciation for […]

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Teacher Appreciation Week: The Biology of Compassion With Ginger Belka

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Kimberly Carpenter, a member of our Support team, shares a personal story of a teacher from her past—someone who encouraged her to always keep herself in the running. A few days ago, I completed a “What Type of Person Are You?” survey posted on Facebook. (Don’t judge—I was taking […]

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Teacher Appreciation Week: Two Questions for Todd Fadoir

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Hillel Wayne, a member of our Engineering team, shares a personal story of a teacher from his past—one who inspired him to never stop asking questions. Moving to a new school is hard. More so when you don’t know anyone there. Extremely so, if you’re leaving a tiny orthodox […]

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Teacher Appreciation Week: Storytime With Mrs. Torgerson

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Liz Keleher, a member of our Adoption team, shares a personal story of a teacher from her past—one who inspired Liz to follow in her footsteps. As a child, I was competitive, though not with other kids. I was driven to tackle the challenges I faced. This posed a […]

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Teacher Appreciation Week: Remembering Debbie Spets

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Jake Giles, a member of our User Research team, shares his personal story of an educator from his past, showing that everything you do leaves a lasting impression. My small hometown of Kewanee, Illinois, is known as “The Hog Capital of the World.” At the end of summer, people come cross-county to celebrate “Hog […]

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Teacher Appreciation Week: The Magical Realism of Alice Price

You do so much more than teach—you give students lessons that last a lifetime. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re sharing personal stories of teachers from our past; stories to show you that everything you do leaves a lasting impression years (sometimes decades) later. I never gave my education much consideration; my mother did […]

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Introducing Snapshot: A Brand New Tool to Help Mold Common Core to Your Standards

You became a teacher to instill a love of learning, but with standardized testing and the launch of Common Core, it can feel like your job is becoming all about statistics. Because your students are what really matter, we created Edmodo Snapshot: a free micro-assessment tool that lets you focus on teaching (not tracking). Designed […]

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Three More Tips to Borrow for Using Edmodo in Your Library

Earlier this month, we introduced you to Shannon McClintock Miller, super teacher-librarian and a huge fan of giving students access to technology in education. Shannon uses Edmodo in her district’s library in so many creative ways, we had to turn her story into a two-part series in order to share three more of her recommendations: 1) Banding […]

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Show & Tell: Allison Laureano, Edmodo

This blog series lets you get to know the people at Edmodo. From what we do at the company, to some of our firsts and favorites, sneak a peek as we get personal. Between building computer networks and arcade games, Allison Laureano is the human hub of tech and fun at Edmodo. Originally from the […]


Shannon Miller Lends Her Expertise for Using Edmodo in Your Library

If you never thought you’d hear a librarian say, “I love it when the library is crazy and super noisy!”, meet Shannon McClintock Miller. Growing up on a farm among hogs, sheep, and row crops, Shannon spent her childhood in 4H and Future Farmers of America, always knowing she’d one day put her creativity to work […]

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The Importance of Student Data Privacy

As many of you know, Edmodo was founded over five years ago as a closed, private learning network for teachers and students to connect and collaborate. We’ve always believed in creating a safe and secure environment where teachers, school administrators, students, and parents are involved to foster better learning. Today, there are over 33 million […]

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Animal Tales: Brody, Certified Therapy Dog and Leader of the PAWS Pack

This is a guest post from Kate Baker, a high school English teacher at Southern Regional in Manahawkin, NJ. In honor of National Pet Day, we asked her to share how one cuddly canine has redefined “creature comfort” for her classroom and school. Brody and I met when he was five weeks old, after the […]

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New Notifications for U.S. Accounts

With multiple classes, assignments, and students, we know teaching doesn’t start and end when the school bell rings. We also know you love to get organized so it doesn’t become a 24/7 job. We’ve been listening to all the ways you’ve asked us to help you stay (and feel) up-to-date, and recently redesigned Notifications for […]


Register for Our April 15 Teachers’ Lounge Webinar

Topic: When the Teacher’s Away, Edmodo Keeps Student Learning in Play Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 @ 7:00 pm EST Host: Sheryl Place, Edmodo Support Ambassador and Certified Trainer Sheryl Place is a 9-12th Grade ESOL (English Language Learners) teacher at Killian Senior High School in Miami, FL, as well as an Edmodo Support Ambassador […]

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Webinar Rewind: Designing Positive Critique Groups and Peer Collaboration With Edmodo

Kimberly Larson knows first-hand that teaching kids how to offer and take criticism well is its own art form. As a 9-12th Grade Graphics & Design Teacher at Effingham College and Career Academy in Rincon, GA, Larson has mastered how to use peer collaboration and feedback to help students improve their communication skills and each […]

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“Welcome to Edmodo” Webinars – April 2014

New to Edmodo? Or simply want a refresher? Sign up for a free, live webinar. Hosted by our award-winning Support team, you’ll get an overview of Edmodo’s core features, with a focus on teacher and student use, and learn the basics alongside other educators. You’ll also have a chance to submit questions and get live […]

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Women’s History Month: Nadia Boulanger, Composing Comprehension

While honoring the contributions of women throughout history, it’s important to note that March is also “Music in Our Schools” month. In recognition of both, we want to celebrate one woman’s commitment to getting students in tune with their own rhythm. Born into four generations of the French Conservatory, Nadia Boulanger was the first woman […]


Tips & Tricks: Powering Up Your Edmodo Network, Part Three

In this three-part blog series, discover three ways you can use Edmodo to build connections, supercharge your own education, and make the most of our community of sharing, powered by you. Communities are built on the relationships between its individuals and the strength of your connections is illustrated every day on Edmodo. Every time you […]

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Tips & Tricks: Powering Up Your Edmodo Network, Part Two

In this three-part blog series, discover three ways you can use Edmodo to build connections, supercharge your own education, and make the most of our community of sharing, powered by you. No one can understand your everyday challenges or celebrate your milestones like another teacher. With more educators on our network than any other place […]

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Tips & Tricks: Powering Up Your Edmodo Network, Part One

In this three-part blog series, discover three ways you can use Edmodo to build connections, supercharge your own education, and make the most of our community of sharing, powered by you. You already trust Edmodo as the safe, secure way to connect your classroom and students with technology. Did you know it’s also a great […]

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Women’s History Month: Maria Montessori, Breaking Barriers

A Montessori education focuses on the independence, observation, following, correcting, environment, and retention of children. The groundbreaking (and sometimes controversial) method could be described as a mix of science, medicine, and education—a reflection of its founder, Maria Montessori, whose own education began with a desire to be an engineer, then grew into a career as a […]


Show & Tell: Brooks Dougherty, Edmodo

This blog series lets you get to know the people at Edmodo. From what we do at the company, to some of our firsts and favorites, sneak a peek as we get personal. Brooks was born in San Diego, CA, where he attended Spreckles Elementary and University City High School. For college, he left sunny […]


Women’s History Month: Anne Sullivan, Changing Perceptions

We’re all familiar with Helen Keller’s achievements, but how does a person left deaf, blind, and mute from an illness learn to communicate and read Braille? And eventually author books and advocate for the blind, among other impressive feats even for someone without disabilities? Meet Anne Sullivan. After a serendipitous reading of Charles Dickens led […]

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Great Formulas for Common Core Math Prep

“When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.” – Chinese proverb Are you ready for the Common Core State Standards being implemented next school year? If you’re looking for lesson plans to help you prepare, check out the Edmodo Communities; it’s where […]

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Women’s History Month: Michelle Obama, Empowering Potential

Throughout history, women have played a vital role in shaping our educational system. From Clara Barton, the person responsible for our nation’s first public school, and Mary McLeod Bethune, educator and president of the National Association of Colored People, the impact of women in education continues today. Of the nearly three million full-time elementary teachers […]


Edmodo on the Road: SXSWedu 2014

Now that we’re all caught up from FETC in Orlando and TCEA in Austin, we’re heading back to the Texas state capitol for SXSWedu. We can’t wait to meet even more of you; if you’re in town, please stop by these special events to say hello! Edmodo Meetup Tuesday, March 4, 7:00–10:00 pm Moonshine Patio […]

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Calculate the Perfect Collaboration Equation on Edmodo

As a math teacher, one of the biggest problems I face is student engagement and participation. There is no single formula for how my students learn, but thanks to Edmodo’s Small Groups and Co-Teacher features, I’ve discovered new ways to communicate with students, share resources, and encourage collaboration—within my own classroom and on a worldwide […]

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Share the Love on Edmodo

Remember Valentine’s Day when you were in school? The excitement of making your classmates personalized cards and the anticipation (read: hope) of getting one from your crush that read, “I like you”? Well today, there’s warmth in our hearts and blush in our cheeks. Not only did we meet many of you face-to-face at FETC and TCEA […]


Show & Tell: Misha Tucker, Edmodo

This blog series lets you get to know the people at Edmodo. From what we do at the company, to some of our firsts and favorites, sneak a peek as we get personal. Misha was born in Chula Vista, CA, where she attended Eastlake Elementary (Go Eagles!) and Otay Ranch High School (Go Mustangs!). For […]


Show & Tell: Jake Giles, Edmodo

This blog series lets you get to know the people at Edmodo. From what we do at the company, to some of our firsts and favorites, sneak a peek as we get personal. Jake was born and raised in Kewanee, Illinois, the hog capital of the world (we’re still trying to confirm if there was, […]


Edmodo Ho-Ho-Holiday Cheer – Week Three Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos for our Ho-Ho-Holiday Cheer Giveaway. Below are this past week’s winners, each of whom will receive an Edmodo prize pack for their classroom with stickers, pens, tattoos, and buttons. Be sure to follow Edmodo on Pinterest, post your photos with the hashtag #edmodocheer, and submit to ideas@edmodo.com before December 31. We’ll […]


Show & Tell: Elena Ontiveros, Edmodo

Communities are built on the relationships between its individuals, so we’re launching a new blog series that lets you get to know the people behind the one at Edmodo. From what we do at the company, to some of our firsts and favorites, sneak a peek as we get personal. Elena was born and raised […]


Back to School with Edmodo: Quick Guides

Whether you teach High School Science, Middle School Language Arts or Elementary students, we know your needs on Edmodo may vary. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the new Quick Guides to Edmodo! From getting started to running your classroom, these interactive quick-start guides provide all the resources you need to enhance your classroom […]


Edmodo Turns Five!

Today marks Edmodo’s fifth anniversary and we are excited share this special occasion with over 23,000,000 Edmodians around the world.  When we first launched Edmodo five years ago, all we had was an idea and a dream. Looking back, it is incredible to see how far we have come. We saw how teachers were frustrated […]


EdmodoCon 2013: Over 25,000 registrants, iPad App launch, and much more

Social learning platform launches latest iPad App and makes free third-party apps available internationally Edmodo, the free and secure K-12 social learning platform, today announced an enhanced version of the popular web-based learning platform and the worldwide release of the latest Edmodo iPad app, complete with several updates and new features, during the third annual […]

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The New Edmodo Is Here

Following last week’s post, we are excited to announce the launch of the newest version of Edmodo. You can now experience the changes you read about for yourself. Jump in now and discover a simpler way to run your classroom on Edmodo! If you have any questions, visit our updated Help Center to learn more. As always, […]

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Enhancing Content Management

Late last night, we made some enhancements to Edmodo that will help you more effectively share, store and search for digital content relevant to your curriculum. One of the key features in the release is The Backpack. Located in the Student Library, the Backpack is a storage area that allows students to easily save content […]


Meet Nic & Jeff – the Founders of Edmodo

Educators ask us all the time about the origins of Edmodo.   We thought you might like to hear from the founder’s themselves.


How are you using Edmodo? Educators from around the world share their ideas

During a recent 20 Ways to Use Edmodo webinar (Tuesdays 4pmEST), attended by educators from UK, Turkey, Australia, Canada, and a number of teachers from the US, our Online Community Manager asked educators how they were using Edmodo.   Responses came from 9 states and 5 countries and varied from using Edmodo to jot down […]


Taking a Global Approach to Education

Now that your classroom, your school, your parents and your colleagues are all on Edmodo – this year we challenge you to break down the walls even further and take a global approach to education. Follow the lead of the teachers and students at The Phoenix School in Salem, MA, who used Edmodo to launch […]


Donor’s Choose Update From Team Edmodo’s Edmustache

Oh yeah, we’re still growing. With one week left to go, projects funded by the Edmodo’s Edmustache team have impacted over 700 students — through the generous donations from the Edmodo community,  Ms. B’s classroom in Indiana now has a Giant-Size Chemistry Model Set and 15 Student Molecular Model Sets, Ms. H’s classroom in Georgia […]


Take the Edmodo Challenge Today

You launched your Edmodo account.  Your students are set up, you’ve had a few great class discussions, posted some assignments and maybe you’ve even graded a few of them.   You have made the first big step towards transforming your classroom into a true 21st century learning space and you’re walking on sunshine. And now you […]


Edmodo Edmustache: We’re off and growing!

It’s been an exciting week, hair-wise, here at Edmodo.   Edmodo’s Edmustache is off and growing – it’s been a lot of years since we’ve seen so much lip hair. The great news is –in our first week, we’ve raised almost $1,000 for projects impacting over 500 students.   From the generous donations of educators and friends […]


Edmodo’s Edmustache

The men of Edmodo are multi-talented.  When they aren’t toiling away at their desks muttering random techie-sounding phrases (which, by the way, we really don’t understand but hey we’re trying to be team players so we just nod and smile sympathetically), they can often be found doing very manly men things  — tracking wild game […]


Do you have a DonorsChoose Project? Let us know

We love DonorsChoose. If you are not familiar with the organization – it’s “an online charity that makes it easier for anyone to help students in need”. Through DonorsChoose, public school teachers post project requests ranging anywhere from paint supplies for an art class to seeds and watering cans for a science experiment.  Individuals can […]


Glogging just got easier with Edmodo

We love seeing the unique array of projects that are posted to the library. It’s exciting to see the way our educators are integrating Web2.0 products in the classroom. One of the most popular is Glogster.        If you aren’t familiar with Glogster – in short, it’s a Graphical Blog (G-log….get it?) – a place […]


Teacher Testimonial: Why Our Students Love Edmodo

When Ben Wilkoff began teaching 7th grade Language Arts in 2004, he started connecting the dots between learning and technology.  Today, Ben is an Online Learning/ Technology Specialist in the Douglas County (CO) School District.  He has been using Edmodo regularly since his district signed up, and has seen tremendous enthusiasm from his students.  You […]


Co-Teaching on Edmodo

Since we launched Edmodo 2 years ago, teachers have been asking if there was a way to have another teacher co-manage a group.  We would like to now introduce Co-Teaching on Edmodo. To add a Co-Teacher to your group, the teacher must first be a member of the group.  Then, hover over the group and […]


Districts Using Edmodo – Interviews With Andover USD in Kansas and Katy ISD in Texas

All week we’ve been telling you about our new school and district level features, free of charge as always. Now we are introducing you to some of the teachers and technology administrators who are using Edmodo’s free social learning network school and district wide. Tomorrow, Thursday, August 19th at 12pm PDT, you can join us […]


Schools Using Edmodo – Interview With Ben Wilkoff

On Thursday, August 19th, join us  for a special webinar that will show you how to get the most out of Edmodo’s new school and district features.  During the session, you will hear from Ben Wilkoff, the Online Learning and Technology Resource Specialist for Douglas County Schools in Colorado. Below is a short interview with Ben. Q: […]


School and District Level Features, Free on Edmodo!

Back to school is always an exciting and busy time, and it’s a moment when teachers are exploring new ways to enhance their teaching. Edmodo is gearing up for back to school too and we’re offering even more opportunities for teachers to engage with their students and collaborate with colleagues. Edmodo’s free social learning network […]


Top 10 embeddable resources for Teachers

Today I was thinking about what were the top 10 social media sites teachers were using.  Then it hit me that I could just analyze the Edmodo database and see what sites are most popular among our users.  So here you have it, the top 10 embeddable resources that teachers are using on Edmodo. Youtube […]


Guest Post: Thomas Scheeler’s Edmodo Experience

I started using Edmodo in late fall of the 2008-2009 school year at Jim Hill Middle School in Minot, North Dakota where I teach 8th grade Language Arts. After spending just a few minutes “playing” with the service and seeing the capabilities, I quickly realized what an invaluable tool this could be to my classroom. […]


Edmodo é em casa! Agora em Português

So my Portuguese is not very good =) However… Edmodo is now available in Portuguese (our translator lives in Rio – thanks Joao!) After launching the Spanish version, we received a lot of requests for a Brazilian edition of Edmodo, so here it is. To all of our friends and cohorts South, we hope you […]


Connect with other teachers

We’ve launched teacher connections! Now you can connect with other teachers to discover resources and share best practices. Here’s a quick guide to help you explore our new features. Teacher Profiles Your profile page builds upon the user page already available in the current Edmodo.  We’ve added activity streams and the ability to quickly navigate […]


Edmodo gets a new home page redesign

We just launched a new homepage which outlines the benefits & features of Edmodo. We would love to hear your comments and what you think of the new redesign. If you click “Tour” on the homepage we now have a video tour of Edmodo which you can view below.


Edmodo on ABC News Chicago: Techno Teaching

Edmodo was featured on an ABC News Chicago segment entitled Techno Teaching.  Here is a clip of the video and a link to the full article.  We had fun recording this piece and even more excited about the teachers and students ABC featured using Edmodo.  I just want to thank ABC News Chicago for letting […]


KSS Summit Edmodo Presentation

We found this Edmodo presentation online that was created by Howard Chan from Kipp Adelante Prepatory Academy for their annual summit in Orlando, Fl in August. (hope they invite us to come next year, I could use a vacation with Mickey Mouse :)  He makes several points about his thoughts on Edmodo, which we would […]


Edmodo 3.0 has launched

We launched Edmodo 3.0 this evening. It’s been a long day and we are tired from working all day. I will do a more in depth post tomorrow. Just wanted to thank everyone that has reported bugs and joined us in the live u-stream this evening. We had a great time.


We are launching Edmodo 3.0 on Friday July 31st

I just wanted to write a quick post letting you know that we are going to be launching Edmodo 3.0 on Friday July 31st. We will have some site outages during the day while we take Edmodo offline and do the upgrade. I would not make plans to use Edmodo for any course work on […]


Thank you for a successful Year

With the school year coming to a close for most of the U.S., Nic and I wanted to send a big thank you to all the Edmodo users that have helped make Edmodo a success.  It has blown our mind since launching in September of 2008, 37,786 students and teachers have signed up for Edmodo, […]


Edmodo outage – restored from backup

Edmodo hit a little rough patch this morning and we had to restore from last nights backup which was done about 5:00am CST 5-15-2009. Here is what happened. We have two versions of Edmodo, one that everyone uses and one that is purely for development, but unfortunately they were sharing the same production database. Essentially […]


EdTech Podcast #5 Released

The EdTech Podcast just released Episode #5 where Chris & Matt interview myself (Jeff O’Hara) and we talk about Edmodo, the new Amazon Kindle, and other topics related to education technology. The EdTech podcast is very new as you can see by this only being their fifth episode, but it is quickly shaping up to […]


You can now search within Edmodo

One of the critical features missing from Edmodo was the ability to search your posts.  We can finally say that this has been corrected as the search feature was rolled out quietly last week.  Search works based on which group’s posts you are viewing at the time of the search.  If you’re viewing the “everything” […]


You can now edit posts on Edmodo!!!

We just pushed out our #1 requested feature: you can now edit posts! This shouldn’t need much more explanation than you click the edit link on posts you have created, edit your post, and save. Please let us know if you have any problems.


Classroom 2.0 Live Workshop Lightning Demo

Last friday a teacher using Edmodo, Phil Cook, gave a demo at the Classroom 2.0 Live Workshop in Chicago, IL. I decided to go and video the demo, take some pictures, and answering any questions anybody might have about edmodo.


We now have a documentation wiki

One of the things we have been lacking is documentation about Edmodo and how to use it.  So we have just setup a wiki at http://wiki.edmodo.com. We currently have 4 guides posted and we will be posting more. Teacher Quickstart Guide Student Quickstart Guide Posting to Edmodo Upload an Avatar If you have any tips […]


Bear with us while we tidy up

Please bear with us as we get our blog put back together. We re-designed the blog and switched blog engines. If your visiting us for the first time, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog in your favorite RSS reader.


New features – Calendar & Notifications

I just wanted to let everyone know we launched Notifications on Sunday & we Launched a simple calendar yesterday. You can setup your notifications in the settings tab and you should now see a calendar tab inside your Edmodo account. Cheers, The Edmodo Team