10 Parent Stories to Inspire Your Child’s Growth

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Check out these stories from parents on Edmodo to see how small efforts go a long way for your child.

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It’s already tough to raise a child. And it’s even harder to juggle your own job, life, and obligations while being a parent. It’s been a long school year with a lot of challenges for everyone involved, which is why we’re so happy to hear stories of success and triumph in our community.

We asked some of the parents in the Edmodo community to share the most inspiring moments from the last school year, and we were blown away by the responses. From the miracle of finding a school where a child can be themselves to the wonder of a community banding together to help others across the globe, we found these stories uplifting and heartwarming. And we’re delighted to share them with you.

By His Side

A few weeks ago, I got a call from my son’s school telling me he fell and couldn’t move. Turns out he broke his elbow. The teacher and principal did not leave his side until the ambulance arrived. They did above 100% of their job and I am so grateful for the care they gave my son as we waited for an ambulance. Miss Emery, Mr. Finck and Miss Fremlin from Princess Elizabeth public school did an amazing job.

Amanda Ducharme

It Takes a Village

My son’s school is amazing! He is easily bored and often unmotivated to work hard. These teachers keep me informed and together. We are trying to encourage him to rise to the level we know he is capable of. They really believe in his potential and, as we all know, it takes a village.

Chris and Dawn Smith

Shoeboxes for Syria

Students helped prepare a Shoebox for Syria campaign, along with their home group teacher, to collect items from community members which were placed in shoeboxes that are being delivered to children in Syria. This campaign got a huge community involved and thousands of boxes were donated. This was a big hit and got publicized on SBS television.

Serap Bulli

Going Above and Beyond

Acadia Junior High is the best school in Winnipeg. There is no other public or private school that we know of that is so well represented in every field. The school thrives in the leadership of Mr. Scott and Ms. McComb. The teachers have done a great job of representing the school on every platform. Special mention to the following teachers that are incredibly passionate about what they do and have touched our children’s lives utterly. Ms. King stays in extra hours every week to help our children excel in debating skills. Mr. Thorlakson inspires their scientific creativity and spends numerous hours in coaching them week after week to make them adept in the world of science and automation. Ms. Oswald indubitably unleashes the math wizard inside them, sets the bar high, and motivates them to achieve those lofty goals. Well done, Acadia management. Very proud of you!

Chitra Paliwal

The Extra Mile

Miss Sullivan, a 5th grade math teacher at Advantage Academy at the North Duncanville campus in Dallas, Texas, is an amazing and caring teacher. She took time to give her all and go above and beyond for her students. She tutored during mornings and evenings for students that needed the extra help that didn’t get the math because the parents couldn’t get the math, meaning me, one of her student’s moms. My daughter was doing poorly and struggling, but because of her efforts, now she’s thriving and making a 86 in her class and passed her math STARS. One of the things that as a mom and a parent I was struggling so hard to figure out how in the world can I help my child succeed, she stepped in as an amazing teacher and did just that. THANK YOU, Ms. Sullivan.

Ashley M.

The Young Readers’ Society

Maanav is an avid reader and goes through books at a fairly rapid rate (especially if it catches his fancy 😀).

He has started an informal book exchange club in year 5.3 supported by all the parents who have kindly shared pictures of all the books that children have at home. The kids are now choosing the book that they want to read from this mini library collection and borrowing them from each other.

The advantage of this is that the kids are not only exposed to a larger number of books than what they may already have but they are encouraging each other to read more.

Pooja Hiten Vaya

A Second Chance

My son Joey recently transferred from a school where he was picked on daily. He would come home from school crying and upset, begging me not to have to go back “there” tomorrow. After another student threatened physical violence on Joey, we withdrew him and placed him at Cherokee Charter Academy. The students and teachers have worked super hard to make Joey feel welcome and like he belongs. After a rocky start and learning the rules, Joey says he is “just a normal kid!” This may not seem like a huge statement, however, Joey feeling like he is normal and has friends that he enjoys seeing daily. It’s AMAZING for me as a parent. I cried when Joey was being bullied and now I feel so much joy and pleasure that we moved Joey to CCA. Thank you staff and students that have made a HUGE difference for him! I can not begin to express the gratitude I feel to know my child is safe, happy, and looking forward to going to school. He even likes wearing the uniform!!! Thank You!

Lisa N.

Anyone Can Improve

Last year my daughter had the worst French grades, she even got 0/10. However, this year she says she has the best French teacher ever and we can see the progress in her grades, which went up to 17/20. She keeps showing us her love for a subject she hated before. We would like to encourage everyone not to lose self esteem, for anyone can improve by loving what he or she does!


Weepy Wednesday

My daughter’s teacher, Mr. Justice at Cimarron Middle School, goes above and beyond teaching the children in his classroom as well as sending emails to all the parents about class events and extra activities family could do together. Mr. Justice even offers free tutoring in other subjects not taught in his classroom. He shows the kids videos on “Weepy Wednesday” to teach compassion and share life lessons. Our kids are so blessed to have him as a teacher!

–Chelsie (Jacie’s Mom)

Coding for the Future

This year my son, Anand, was asked to enter the Google Code for India contest. Anand entered and informed his teacher through Edmodo. He designed a rocket race game using Scratch. When the results came in, he was in the top 25 finalists of India. Anand got a lot of gifts from Google too. Now he’s working on JavaScript and Python.

Jayashree Gopalakrishnan

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