15 Eye-Opening Ways Teachers Use Edmodo Today

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Sure, Edmodo is an excellent way to keep teachers and students connected. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll find literally hundreds of ways to successfully use Edmodo to simplify your life and improve your student’s education.

We asked teachers in the Edmodo community to tell us interesting ways they’re now using Edmodo. Check out Edmodo to discover more ways, but here are some ideas from fellow teachers:

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1. “As a way to organize myself (good luck), I create a “me only” small group for each of my groups to make class notes on work done in class and notes on such, things to cover in the future, and homework that I want to assign. I really do believe this is helping me to become more organized. :)”

Christina Alexander

2. “I used it to share virtual valentines with a class in another state.”

Tamyra, VBCPS

3. “My most recent discovery is the apps. The apps are so great for the kids when they are maybe ahead and have some free time. Love them!”

Sarah Jacobs

4. “I love using the quiz feature for exit tickets, not just for quizzes!”

Amy Sharpe, Harlingen CISD

5. “With all of the things that Edmodo can do, I learned that there are some LMS out there that are very expensive. While presenting Edmodo, a superintendent said that by attending the presentation, he learned that his district didn’t need to go out and spend lots of cash to get all that Edmodo has to offer.”

Rory Morse, Matanuska Susitna Borough School District

6. “Connecting multiple science classes in our school at the same time so that we can pair students up with other students who have different teachers taking the same subject. This allows for more open collaboration and group activities.”

Linwood Starling, Pine Forest High School

7. “I have been recording my students doing their literature circles, and I post the video to have them reflect on their performance and work collaboratively to offer a plan for improvement.”

Brad Bielawski, Chula Vista Elementary

8. “Calendars: I’ve learned they can be used by students for personal matters and group events. I thought it was only for the teacher!”

Cecilia Monserrat, Colegio La Salle Paranã¡

9. “Edmodo is not only used for classes but also clubs and after school organizations.”

Alicia Duarte, Orange County Public Schools

10. “I like to create teachers’ accounts under the name of historical characters, and have them join my class so students can ask them about their lives. (I also have this teacher’s comment on strange test answers and explain why they were wrong). Students love it!”

Cristina Centro Xabier, Centro Xabier Ikastetxea

11. “Groups for parents! 🙂 They learn to help their children!”

Jose Angel Morancho, CPEIP Otero de Navascuãs

12. “We listened to a French song in class the other day, and my students loved it. At the end of the period, they wanted to write down the name of the song. I told them I’d just post the link to the YouTube video in Edmodo. They all came in to class the next day singing the song, and some had even shared it with their parents! I love Edmodo!“

Amy Kingsley, Menlo Park City School District

13. “I have started using “polls” as an ice breaker for Edmodo training sessions, they’re great.”

Michelle C. Touceda, LAUSD

14. “I use it to make web quests. I can easily link every web page. This saves so much time when the student can go directly to the page and not have to try to type it in their selves.”

Judie Whybrow, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

15. “After using Edmodo for 6 years, I finally discovered Spotlight this year and am sharing my favorite lessons.”

Sandra McConnell, Cambrian School District

As you can see, the uses for Edmodo are unlimited. Hopefully, this handful of examples jump starts your thinking of new and exciting ways to apply Edmodo in your classroom. Start discovering new uses for yourself.

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