19 International Scholarships for College Students This Year

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Gloria Kopp is an educator and an e-learning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from the University of Wyoming and started a career of a creative writer and an educator, now she works as a tutor at Bigassignments. She is a regular contributor to such websites as Engadget, Academized, Huffington Post, and others.

Education is important, but unfortunately, it can be very expensive. This is especially true for international students who are doing more traveling than the average university-aged young adult. However, there are options. If you look close enough, there are many great scholarship opportunities for international students — here are 19 great opportunities.

Commercial Capital Training

The Commercial Capital Training scholarship offers students an opportunity to earn up to $1,000 toward their education. Designed to develop successful entrepreneurs and business professionals in commercial finance, this essay contest will challenge a student’s knowledge of business and finance.


For students attending a 4-year university with a major in a STEM field, the Masergy essay contest is for you. Just submit an essay of up to 500 words about which actions you would take to evolve the sectors of technology and science in your career, and you could be a winner. Deadline is August 15, 2017, so submit your entry soon.

Online Resume Builders

Many students have poor resumes, and Online Resume Builders wants to change that. Submit your best resume for a chance to win $1,000 toward your education. Available every Spring semester, winners chosen before December 2017 will have funds to use in the Spring 2018 semester.

Boom Essays Writing Competition

Boom Essays is currently offering an essay contest with a top prize of $2,000. There are eight topics to choose from, and each should be well researched and put together. The next deadline is March 1st of 2018, but you can still submit your 800 to 1000-word on one of eight topics to Boom Essays’ team. Apply today to earn money toward your education next year and to impress our team of experts.

Potashnik & Associates

The Law professionals at Potashnick & Associates understand that paying for a well-deserved education can be difficult. They reward two students attending school in the U.S. with $1,500 each to be put toward tuition, books, and more. Simply submit a 600-word essay sharing how you plan to help your local community and how your education plays an important role.

Lakehouse Recovery

The Lakehouse Drug and Alcohol Treatment center annually awards students with a $1,000 scholarship to put toward their education in the health and wellness field. Submit your essay discussing which careers you are considering upon graduation; it must be original and compelling. The deadline is July 1, 2017, so apply today!

Extreme Terrain

Twice a year, Extreme Terrain awards a $3,000 scholarship to students who are pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Environmental Research, Atmosphere Studies, Sustainable Land Management, or Sustainable Agriculture Systems. Submit a 700–1500 essay discussing the importance of access to public lands for recreational use and how you would advocate this cause. Entries are due on July 15th, 2017.

Essayroo Contest

With a total of 8 topics to choose from, students may enter this contest with a well-researched, well-written essay. The top prize is $3,000, and winners will provide excellent and convincing evidence to back up their arguments. Readers should be engaged.


Serving Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, London, and San Francisco, InMarketing Digital Marketing Services offers a $34,000 scholarship (AUD) for students pursuing an education in digital marketing and IT, as well as graduates who intern with InMarketing. If you are studying in Australia and the UK, you have the chance to show InMarketing that you are most valuable for this award.

Search to Learn Scholarship

Directive Consulting is as passionate about learning as you are. Simply submit a 30 second to one-minute long video demonstrating how digital marketing has changed our society, and a bit about yourself. Be creative, have fun, and stand out! Although offered all year, this year’s deadline for this award is May 14, 2017.

The Ultimate Promotion Scholarship

At SLANT, the Ultimate Promotion Scholarship invites college students to offer their best, most creative, and most innovative foot forward. Simply submit an original essay of 1,500 words discussing the creation of a great promotional experience. The student with the most effective idea will get $1,500 toward their education in marketing, public relations, advertising, or business administration.


FormBirds is an online platform that provides various formats of documents for users for viewing and downloading for free. The site offers current and incoming college students a $500 scholarship toward tuition, books, and more. Any applicant with a current 3.0 GPA and above can submit an essay that discusses the importance of your major in society.

Ukwritings Scholarship

UK Writings helps students write top-notch essays every day, but is yours award-winning? With a top prize of £3,500, all entries will be judged by UK Writings’ team of Ph.D. level writers and editors. With eight topics to choose from, each essay should have an original, well-research argument, engage the reader, and present the subject matter in a meaningful way. If you think that your essay has what it takes, enter today.

The Einstein Academic Scholarship

Einstein Moving awards one student each year with $1,000 to be put toward Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and official verification of full-time enrollment at a 4-year institution. Students will submit a 500 to 1000-word essay discussing your own love of knowledge and the importance of academic achievement in your current path. Creativity is encouraged. The deadline for this scholarship is December 1, 2017. Apply today if you have what it takes!

Think Outside the Box

The Out-of-the-Box Thinking Scholarship rewards $1,500 to one college student each semester. Second and third prizes are $500 awards. This scholarship awards money toward a student’s education for the most creative pet product or idea. If you have a creative idea that would wow the judges, submit your essay today!

Australian Help International Scholarship

If you are convinced that your writing is award-winning, the Australian Help writing contest is right for you. Choose from five topics for a chance to win up to $700 toward your education. Winners will be chosen August 15, 2017, so apply with your submission soon.

The Elevator Consultants

The Elevator Consultants award students who are pursuing an education in technology or a related field. They will award the winner with $1,000 toward their education. Choose from one of two topics discussing the importance of technology in the future and how it has affected your life. The deadline is June 15, 2017, so submit your essay soon!

Complete Web Resources

Complete Web Resources SEO knows that education is expensive. Although you have the brains, funds can be difficult to come by. Each year CWR offers one student a $1,000 for each winter semester. Simply submit an essay of 750 words or more about a design, advertisement, or other creative work or media that influenced your perspective on a social issue. Videos are also encouraged. The deadline is January 1st of each year.


Wellcome offers scholarship funds to postgraduate students pursuing an education in humanities or social science doctoral degrees in any area of health. Students must hold a relevant Master’s degree. Winners are rewarded with a three-year Doctoral Studentship, student stipends, £1,500 toward tuition and up to £5,000 toward research expenses. For 2018, the application deadline is August 1, 2017.

It may seem impossible to fund your education when you first start, but there are many opportunities to do so if you do a little research. Good luck in your search!

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