We are launching Edmodo 3.0 on Friday July 31st

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July 25th, 2009

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I just wanted to write a quick post letting you know that we are going to be launching Edmodo 3.0 on Friday July 31st. We will have some site outages during the day while we take Edmodo offline and do the upgrade. I would not make plans to use Edmodo for any course work on July 31st as we are unsure of how long the upgrade may take. We have worked very hard on the new version and are very excited to get it up and running for you to use with your classes.

The Edmodo Team

8 responses to “We are launching Edmodo 3.0 on Friday July 31st”

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  2. brklynsurfer says:

    I can't wait to set it up for the Fall.

  3. Matt says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys have done! Love Edmodo.

  4. vincev1 says:

    Whats the public timeline? Should I be concerned about privacy??

  5. edmodo says:

    Vincev1, the public timeline is a page every group gets, but nothing is sent to it unless you the teacher click the public link on a post. Only the teacher has this option to send things to the public timeline. It's use is not required but some teachers like to somethings public and use the RSS feed that is attached. Just want you to know, everything is private by default.

  6. stella99 says:

    it's very good

  7. stella99 says:

    it's very good

  8. rord janjula says:

    so 2011 edmodo is like 5.0

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