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August 3rd, 2009

I’ve been asked quite a few times if we had any t-shirts which I regrettably had to say no.  Today that has changed.  I decided to create an Edmodo Cafe Press Store so Edmodo supporters can now purchase some Edmodo gear.  We have a bunch of different style t-shirts and coffee mugs.  You can get any color you want as long as it’s white 🙂 (my homage to Henry Ford and the Model T)

Edmodo Cafe Press Store

8 responses to “Edmodo Store T-Shirts & Mugs”

  1. Thanks for information, I'll always keep updated here!

  2. i like that tshirt as a nature person myself. funny how the web works and comments.

  3. Edmodo Store T-Shirts: I love these t shirts very much

  4. Hi,

    I love this Edmodo Store T-Shirts guys and I am so desire for buying this Edmodo Store T-Shirts.


  5. get any color you want as long as it’s white

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like the T-Shirts ,It looks very cool though it;’s white colour..I like it..

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