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May 6th, 2010

We’ve launched teacher connections! Now you can connect with other teachers to discover resources and share best practices. Here’s a quick guide to help you explore our new features.

Teacher Profiles

Your profile page builds upon the user page already available in the current Edmodo.  We’ve added activity streams and the ability to quickly navigate to your connections and publicly available group pages (i.e. your RSS feeds from your classes). From a teacher profile page, you can:

  • Directly message a connected teacher
  • Access public group posts
  • Share helpful online resources
  • View shared connections, and request new ones
  • Send messages to all of your connections at once

Here’s the previous version of the user page:

Old Teacher User Page

… and here’s the new teacher profile:

New Teacher Profile Page

Add Connections

Now you can connect to your peers and colleagues in multiple ways. From the home page, we suggest connections to you based on your groups and school. Soon, you will be able to search for your peers and request to be connected.

You can also invite your peers to join Edmodo right from our site via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Teacher Home Page

Teacher Profile Page

Using Your Connections

Now that you’re connected directly with other teachers, you can start sharing materials with each other, create groups based on common interests, and work side by side to develop best practices. You can directly message one another, collaborate on assignments and cross class projects, or intermediate in each other’s classes. You can even post a message to all of your teacher connections, all of your groups, or both!

Post Bubble - Send To All

More to Come

Stay tuned for even more exciting capabilities and opportunities to collaborate and work with one another as we continue to roll out new features designed to ease and enhance your ability to use Edmodo to make your classroom dynamic, engaging, and most importantly, successful.

As always, we love your feedback and suggestions. Please send them to the Edmodo forums.


6 responses to “Connect with other teachers”

  1. Aterzas says:

    this is great..i have a question..Enable students to communicate with one another?

  2. Mdohrman says:


    One big question I’d like to ask before I pitch this to my principal… How can I prevent students from bullying each other on edmodo? Also, can I see comments that they make to each other, or can I turn off the capability to send messages to each other so they can only send them to me?

  3. dequan says:

    can you teachers add on edmodo my name Dequan

  4. Katherine says:


    I am teaching a group of year 12 students, which has now been split into two. Therefore our Edmodo group needs two teachers to be part of it. I have already created the group and have started to use it – ie. I am already the owner of our group. However, now I would like to add the other teacher. Is this possible? If so, how?


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