Edmodo é em casa! Agora em Português

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May 13th, 2010

So my Portuguese is not very good =) However…

Edmodo is now available in Portuguese (our translator lives in Rio – thanks Joao!) After launching the Spanish version, we received a lot of requests for a Brazilian edition of Edmodo, so here it is. To all of our friends and cohorts South, we hope you like it! All we ask for in return is that you spread the word and help us grow Edmodo throughout Brazil. We have high hopes for Brazil, which is why you were tops on our translation list.

Also, please contact us if you are interested in helping us to support our Brazilian teachers. We would appreciate it – we’re always looking for Edmodo champions across the world to help us help others get the most out of Edmodo.

Now, *very* important: which translation is next? Pirate, Klingon, or Shakespearean? Mmm…We may have to go with French to round out the Western Hemisphere =)

As always, we love to hear from you,
The Edmodo Team

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  1. Hello edmodo team, what a great surprise to see Portuguese was one of the first languages chosen by edmodo. I'm a great fan of edmodo and have created several groups both for my students and my colleagues. I've written several posts in my blog about edmodo and have also created some tutorials about it. As I teach English in Brazil, I've done everything in English, however I'd love to help other Brazilian teachers who wish to use Edmodo with their groups. Just let me know how I can help.

  2. Donna Baker says:

    I am a French teacher and I just joined a few days ago. I also teach one of my courses, AP French language, in a combined face to face and distance model. Last year I used another free service to post homework, tests and other assignments. However it only held up to 5 postings. I don't know how edmodo was hiding from me for so long. It looks awesome/chouette en français! I can't wait to assign and receive hw through the site, to embed content and do countless things that I haven't even imagined yet. It seems like the perfect tool AND I think students will get the format. Blackboard can do some of the same things, but WOW is it cumbersome! I began commenting to say that I would eventually like to offer edmodo to my advanced students in French, but got off track somehow. If you would like some assistance with translation when you're ready, let me know.
    C'est magnifique!!!

  3. Deisimaricato says:

    Hi! I am teacher from Brazil and I have been studying and researching about the Edmodo for my postgraduate in Technology of Education. Best Regards, Deisi

  4. Kelly Lax says:

    I have a Portuguese student in my American class. Is there a way to access the Portuguese version?

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