Announcing Edmodo Weekly Webinar Series

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July 27th, 2010

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Please join us for an upcoming webinar.

We will cover everything you need to return to school:

  • Refresh your skills on Edmodo for the classroom
  • Learn to leverage Edmodo for professional development
  • Check out new features for teachers, schools and districts
  • Hear exciting news of what’s to come!

Check back often for updated calendar of school year webinars and special events.

Please help us spread the word about our new weekly webinars.

We look forward to meeting you online!

Upcoming Webinars

Introduction to Edmodo
Tue, Nov 2, 2010 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT

Introduction to Edmodo
Thu, Nov 4, 2010 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT

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22 responses to “Announcing Edmodo Weekly Webinar Series”

  1. McTeach says:

    I love that you'll be having a weekly webinar, but I may not be home in time for the first one this Thursday. Will the webinars be recorded and archived?

    Karen McMillan

  2. Stephanie says:

    Will there be archives of the webinars?

  3. christybaloo says:

    I know this is not the right place to stick my question, but I can't find a support link. As far as a way for a parent to have equal access to the activities of a given class…calendar, assignments, grades, etc…is there a way to give multiple email addresses to be alerted so that a parent can have the same access that the student would? I know there's the public page, but I don't think that would offer what i'm wanting. And if the parent was just signed up as another 'student' in the class, they wouldn't have access to their child's grades. What do you guys do?

  4. Jeff O'Hara says:

    Christy, if you sit tight, we will be launching parents accounts this fall that would give a parent access to assignments and grades for their students.

  5. Jeff O'Hara says:

    We are going to start recording the webinars and posting them soon.

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  7. HOWIE says:

    Have the creators of EDMODO ever decided to advertise? I had an idea….if edmodo made some silicone bracelets with its logo on them…or maybe said “Got edmodo?” possibly sent out a bunch to each school or teacher that uses edmodo to give to students who join!!!!???? I have been trying to find an incentive for my students to join. Believe it or not-not everyone has access to the internet. Any ideas?

  8. Jencarpe says:

    If I post a question or assignment for my students to respond to, will a student’s response/post be visible to the other students when they log on???

  9. COOLGAL101 says:

    Are teachers supposed to put grades because in our school district they haven’t explained much on this system.

  10. G Hacman says:

    I just discovered Edmodo and it seems like the perfect tool. I was contemplating using facebook, but it seemed too hairy… Anyhow, I am not able to join the next webinar… but there are weekly ones…how soon can I know when the next one is? (after Thursday..) are they at the same time, same day weekly?

  11. Longinos García Meraz says:

    Pueden ayudarme a recuperar mi usuario y contraseña soy propietario de un grupo.

  12. LPalin says:

    Help!! My edmodo account is in Spanish now. I would like to change it back to English. Can you tell me the steps involved in this process? Thanks, L Palin

    • Jeff O'Hara says:

      If you click the american flag icon at the bottom of the screen you will switch back to english. Also, if it’s defaulting to spanish, double check your settings page and make sure your country is set to an english speaking country such as the U.S.

      • LPalin says:

        Thank you!! I looked for the flag, clicked on it, and everything is in English now. Whew! I minored in Spanish but it was extra work for me to understand it all. I appreciate your help and am loving Edmodo (as a parent).

    • Austin Gross says:

      Go all the way down to the bottom and it will show the flags click on the United States on.

  13. kenny says:

    hola mrs. santiago como esta hoy?

  14. kenny says:

    hoy yo fui a la iglesia, con mis papas.

  15. kenny says:

    hoy fur un bonita dia .

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