Teacher Testimonial: How Edmodo Helps Special Needs Students

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September 13th, 2010

Here is a terrific Edmodo testimonial from a teacher, Michelle Sumner.  In her bio, Michelle states,  “Being Deaf, I use technology in every aspect of my life and I make an attempt to demonstrate its use with my students to enhance instructional opportunities as well as build confidence and expose them to real life situations they will encounter upon leaving High School.”

What a great teacher!

The Edmodo Social Network
by Michelle Sumner

I introduced my students to Edmodo yesterday. Edmodo is a social network for classrooms. There are different account settings for teachers and students (teachers obviously having more “administrator” features, such as adding users, direct messaging to students). I am trying this program this year with my classroom as a hub for communication when away from the classroom. Edmodo allows me to message my students within a safe environment (similarly as Twitter, but not public). It allows me to assign homework, attach documents,  embed media, send links and even grade. By setting up each class individually, students aren’t bombarded with messages that don’t apply to their course of study. However, a nifty feature that Edmodo recently released is the ability for me to set up groups within the class so that my students can collaborate and communication between each other (i.e., sending direct messages).

There are several other features that I look forward to using with my Edmodo network this year. I frequently poll my students regarding projects they are working on and level of enjoyment or challenge. Edmodo allows me to do this easily using a feature similar to Polleverywhere all in one location. Students don’t have to remember a different address to access our information. In addition, I can send our blog feeds directly to our Edmodo network, allowing students to see when I have made changes and added posts to our class blog. I also intend to add student blog feeds to our small groups once we get those up and running. I know that there are still many other features I haven’t figured out yet.

My students were excited to know that they could message me anytime (I can also receive their messages via my email on my cell). I was pleased to find that students caught on very quickly to the features and several even explored it more that evening. To find out more about how Edmodo can be used in your classroom, visit https://edmodo.com. Sign up is free! (And no, I do NOT work for Edmodo).

Have you used Edmodo in your classroom or a similar program? I would love to hear the ways you have utilized this. Please leave your comments below.

2 responses to “Teacher Testimonial: How Edmodo Helps Special Needs Students”

  1. MsNolen says:

    Since I am a gifted and talented teacher and only see my students one day a week, Edmodo has allowed me to extend my students’ learning and engagement in the material to more days. I have found the students exploring, questioning, and extending the ideas we discuss in class as well as developing a community of learners. Also I have found it is a great way for the students and parents to communicate with me. We love EDMODO!!

  2. Kjenkins says:

    Just involved my students within Edmoto. Seems to be a very
    rich source for students.

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