Edmodo Edmustache: We’re off and growing!

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November 19th, 2010

It’s been an exciting week, hair-wise, here at Edmodo.   Edmodo’s Edmustache is off and growing – it’s been a lot of years since we’ve seen so much lip hair.

The great news is –in our first week, we’ve raised almost $1,000 for projects impacting over 500 students.   From the generous donations of educators and friends of Edmodo everywhere, students in El Monte, California now have sound and time tracker device to help them stay focused in the classroom;  classrooms in the Bronx, NY and Brownsville, TX received much needed Math Manipulatives; and students in Philadelphia, PA now have the graphing calculators they need to maximize critical thinking time.

Most importantly, every one of these students now knows that there are people out there who are invested in their education, that we are all in this together, and that the simple act of asking for help can lead to a great outpouring of support.

Following is an email we received from Mr. Reyes 6th grade class in El Monte after they received word that their time tracker project was complete:

“Within days, Edmodo’s Edmustache has provided my classroom with tools to help my students stay focused and be productive. This positive approach of managing a classroom will allow students to manage themselves, and give me the freedom to help students in need. In addition, Edmodo has helped fund certificates. Like Edmodo, everybody appreciates being appreciated, no matter how big or small the accomplishment. Thanks to you, my students will continue to be recognized for the achievements and efforts. Smile, because you have just helped a great group of students beam with delight.??Thanks “   ?Mr. Reyes?6th Grade Teacher

Thanks to everyone who donated this week.    We are off to a great start, but have a long way to “grow” before we meet our goals.  To help other classrooms like these, you can visit Edmodo’s Edmustache Giving Page to make a donation.

Congratulations on great work.  Viva la Stache!

(the look on the cat’s face says it all;)

Meet Carlos: New Edmustache Team member (end of week 1)

Meet Ale: New Edmustache Member: Day 1!

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  1. pickles says:

    Please tell me Ben’s picture here w/him pointing at his ‘stache was taken one hour after he shaved!!!

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