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November 22nd, 2010

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Help Center, powered by the Edmodo Community. Whether you are a classroom teacher looking for introductory videos to show your students how to get started, a tech director at a school district who wants to make the case for rolling out Edmodo to all of your schools, or a school media specialist looking for helpful hints on effective ways to ensure all of the teachers at your school are registered, this will serve as a resource center for all of the tools you need to introduce Edmodo to your community. Although we’ve contributed core materials such as User Guides and basic data sheets, our goal is for the Help Center to be a rich and dynamic repository for content developed by the Edmodo user community.   Some of the highlights of the Help Center include:

Edmodo is for my Classroom: Explore this section of the Help Center to find presentations, videos and one page handouts that will help you get your students and the teachers in your school up and running with Edmodo.

Edmodo is for my District: Resources in this section will provide district administrators and tech directors with research, case studies and documentation on the reporting and analytics features available for district wide implementations.

Webinar Schedule: For users who prefer a live walkthrough of the site, we offer regularly scheduled webinars for users at all levels.  Check out the schedule in the coming weeks for new topics that include: Edmodo 101, Tips for rolling out Edmodo to a school or district, and Educator Showcases that highlight the positive impact Edmodo has had on classrooms all over the world.

News:  Check here often to keep up on the latest blog entries, tweets and Edmodo breaking news.

Connect with the Edmodo Community: Connect with top contributers and power users and learn how they have transformed their classrooms into 21st century learning environments.

Become an Edmodo Advocate: If you are currently or planning to present Edmodo at conferences or professional development sessions, let us know.  We can help guide you toward the resources that will be most helpful, and provide support if you need it.

To contribute to the Help Center, login to Edmodo and send a Request to Connect to Ben Wilkoff, Online Community Manager, or email him at

30 responses to “The Help Center, powered by the Edmodo Community”

  1. Dawnn says:

    help! are page won’t load. we have tried refreshing, restarting and nothing the wheel just keeps spinning? Project is due today!

  2. Tiffani says:

    Help! I am trying to post on the support community page to get help with a code problem, but there is no where for me to post! I am signed up for an account. Why can’t I post in the support community?

  3. ritupadalia says:

    i want to deactivate my edmodo account

  4. ritupadalia says:

    I want to deactivate/delete my edmodo account

  5. Iain says:

    Having problems creating a badge, it won’t let me upload an image and won’t continue until I have uploaded an image.

    I would like to have some badges for a bit of gamification, First Post, 5 Posts, 10 Posts, 50 Posts, if anybody has done something similar and could help would greatly appreciate.

  6. […] We are pleased to announce the launch of the Help Center, powered by the Edmodo Community . The Help Center, powered by the Edmodo Community | Edmodo – Safe Social Networking for Schools […]

  7. mark schein says:

    I want to join a community, but I do not see the Request to Join
    icon. Where is it ?
    I also want to connect with other colleagues and educators that I’ve met at conferences but again do not see the Search Teachers function at the right side of the screen to do this.
    Where is it ?

    I also tried to access to send this message on the internet but was denied.

    Mark Schein

  8. mark schein says:

    Please reply to my note I left.
    Mark Schein

  9. Sue McIntyre says:

    I need to change name on account from Sue to Dallas

  10. Jeff says:

    when we hit reply to send a message we get error icon on bottom left of page and the error message is something like:[..]..null or void???

    what are we missing to send a message to the group

  11. Barry Huff says:

    We are currently at a training trying to access, but the website is incredibly sluggish. Most users can’t access the site at all. We have tried Firefox. Explorere, and Chrome. Can you help?

  12. michael says:

    there is a bug it is when i type a assignment it wont let me post a emotion >:(

  13. Alex says:

    I downloaded the edmodo app on my iPhone, and i try to post something but it doesnt allow me to push the send button? Is that a problem with everyone?

  14. Nakita M says:

    Help!… edmodo won’t let me push the turn in button, attach files add to my backpack, or choose what i thought of the assignment. I’m using Windows 8 if that helps

  15. Maya says:

    Edmodo won’t let me change my profile pic to anything but the default ones. When i select a file to use, it either takes forever to load and lags my computer, or gives me a “file missing” alert. It’s getting really annoying, is there any way to fix it?

  16. christina says:

    heyy,i keep trying to upload a file on edmodo at it keeps saying ‘error uploading your file’ what do i do! its due today

  17. Mariana says:

    When i try to sign up something pops up and says sign up failed… What do i do?

  18. vanessa says:

    every time I try logging in it automatically kicks me out of my account assignment due tomorrow please help

  19. Alexis says:

    When I log into edmodo, it logs me right back out. its been doing it for four days and I need this fixed immediately! HELP!!!!!!!!!

  20. Georgia says:

    I have the edmodo app and it gives me a notification that someones sends a comment but when i try to look at the comment it just shows the name of whoever commented and a blank space. It doesn’t tell me what they said!!!!!

  21. Melissa says:

    Why can’t I attach my file when turning in an assignment on edmodo?

  22. Adam Genez says:

    I save a file to edmodo, but it doesn’t show in my backpack

  23. Rob says:

    I got kicked from all of my groups while studying for finals, is there any way to get back in?

  24. Asking questions are actually good thing if
    youu are nott understanding something totally, however this paragraph offers nice understanding yet.

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