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December 1st, 2010

You launched your Edmodo account.  Your students are set up, you’ve had a few great class discussions, posted some assignments and maybe you’ve even graded a few of them.   You have made the first big step towards transforming your classroom into a true 21st century learning space and you’re walking on sunshine.

And now you are ready for step 2….(cue drumroll…)

Have you sent any Edmodo Requests to Connect yet?  Are you following us on Twitter?  How about Facebook?  What blogs are you following on your Google homepage?

Social networking tools can be a great source of professional development.  We use all of these tools to keep up on the latest trends, stories and breaking news in the Education world — but if you are new to social networking,  knowing where to start can be a bit daunting.  Next week, we’ll share some of our favorite blogs and twitterers — for today, we are simply challenging you to do four things:

  1. Send at least 5 Requests to Connect on Edmodo (we’ve provided a starting point by highlighting some teachers who may have similar interests in the Suggestion box).

2.  Join at least two Edmodo communities.

3. Follow the Edmodo on Twitter.

4. “Like” Edmodo on Facebook.

When you’ve done all of these, send an Edmodo message to Ben Wilkoff with details on your new connections along with your shirt size and contact info and we’ll send you an Edmodo t-shirt!

(NOTE:  Entries must be received by Wednesday December 8th.)

2 responses to “Take the Edmodo Challenge Today”

  1. Bianca Woods1 says:

    I’m still waiting for my edmodo t-shirt. I feel ostracized because I live Down Under :0(

  2. jesus christ says:

    my religion forbids posting comments

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