Have you scheduled an Edmodo Meetup yet?

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December 3rd, 2010

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Edmodo meetups are informal gatherings organized by users, for users.  They are a great way to meet fellow Edmodo educators in real life, exchange ideas, ask questions, give answers, or simply meet other educators working with Edmodo in your local area.

To participate, simply create an Edmodo Meetup in your area & invite your friends and colleagues. You can use this page to get in touch with other Edmodo Educators in your area, organize a time and place to meet and spread the word.

Schedule your first Meetup by January 15 and we will send you an Edmodo T-Shirt.  Even better, get at least 10 people to attend and we’ll send you a door prize for your event!   And you never know — we just might show up and deliver it ourselves!

4 responses to “Have you scheduled an Edmodo Meetup yet?”

  1. Prevosg says:

    I’ve set up a Meetup. How do you invite? I do not have a Facebook account.

    • Betsy says:

      Right below the Facebook login it says “Otherwise, sign up here” — that will let you register for meetup with email and fill out the form so your meetup appears on the Edmodo meetup page.

      • Prevosg says:


        Meetup organized in Sudbury, Ontario. #38817 Four people interested. I’d love an edmodo t-shirt. XL would be great. Let me know how I should provide you with my mailing address.


  2. I have scheduled an edmodo meet up for Sept. 27th.  Is it possble to get t-shirts for participants?

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