One Million Strong and Growing!

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December 6th, 2010

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Edmodo has just registered our 1 millionth user!  We can hardly believe it’s been two years since we launched Edmodo in response to a demand from teachers for safe social networking tools that could be easily integrated into classroom curriculum.  Those forward-thinking educators knew then what is becoming clear to us all now: the classroom is no longer bound by brick and mortar; online collaboration is key to engaging students; and providing teachers and students with a secure platform to share content and ideas creates a dynamic, global learning environment with limitless potential.

We are honored that each of you has joined the Edmodo community and are proud to be part of your classroom.

In celebration of this important milestone, we are very pleased to announce that our Millionth User’s classroom will receive an “edmodo goes mobile” learning center including mobile handsets, tablet computers and flipcams. We’ll introduce you to our millionth user and their class later this week — be sure to check back here for updates and further details.

And we’re just getting started!  In the coming months, stay tuned for groundbreaking announcements and new Edmodo features that will lead classrooms around the world into a new era in mobile learning.

29 responses to “One Million Strong and Growing!”

  1. felipe rey says:

    i just won the millionth user it´s super coool the pad

  2. Deisi Maricato says:

    Congratulations!!!! Hugs from Brazil

  3. Anthony says:

    congratulations edmodo people one millons of the chain yo yo

  4. Seth says:

    Congrats Edmodo! Every one from El Paso TX wishes you happy 1,000,000 users!

  5. Joehooks588 says:

    edmodo is awesome

  6. Wpulgarin1 says:

    Congrats from Colombia!!!

  7. Stupid Loser says:

    poopie pants

  8. kashon says:

    congrats edmodo keep up the good work

  9. Jonthanacevedo says:

    people press like if you are a user, i should get over 1 million likes, EDMODO ROCKS

  10. AshtonBenson says:

    Awesome Edmodo!!! Congrats!!!

  11. Elmonje_loco16 says:

    I think this is a great program! Congrats Edmodo!!

  12. Goaman 97 says:


  13. Asiah says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Great website

  14. KB says:

    Love this program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s awesome for my school club!!!!

  15. DO says:

    There was a need. There was an idea. Edmodo was born. Barriers began crumbling. Here’s wishing new exciting learning experiences & continued success to all in the Edmodo Community (employees,teachers & students)!

  16. Richpare says:

    i cant get on.

  17. calebthompson says:

    Awesome. w00t! good job edmodo!

  18. Sarissagreen says:

    I can’t believe that there is users in Africa. Good job

  19. […] reached out with some exciting news. Not only was Edomodo turning 2 but it also had just reached one million users which is not a small feat by any means. But to add to it, he also shared that Edomodo had been […]

  20. Zooyork124 says:

    crazy how many users just the United States alone has.

  21. Cristina Laxague says:

    Gracias Edmodo por hacerme fácil la tarea! felicidades!!!

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