The Edmodo Community Shares. A lot.

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December 15th, 2010

There is nothing that we love more than teachers using Edmodo in interesting and engaging ways with their students and colleagues, especially when they share those experiences with the world. Here are some of the most interesting things that we have seen on the Edmodo Public Stream and published on blogs recently.

Edmodo 4 Android

(If you would like to connect with any of the teachers doing these amazing things, just click on their names above and connect with them in Edmodo. You will need to have an account in Edmodo to make the connection request. So, sign up if you don’t have one!)

And all of that is just from a single week of using Edmodo. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

3 responses to “The Edmodo Community Shares. A lot.”

  1. Devinpage1 says:

    Does anyone know if Edmodo is updating the site right now (850 p.m. EST, Wednesday, 12/15)??? I can’t even access the Edmodo home page!

  2. Hsiao-yun Chan says:

    Thanks for the mention! Actually the QR code was only for the Android app. I figured that any Android user would be familiar with using them to find apps quickly. (Also, just “Hsiao-yun” is fine with me. I prefer first names with my tertiary-level students.)

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