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January 10th, 2011

Parent Accounts are now available on Edmodo.  With Parent Accounts, teachers can:

  • Exchange messages and maintain open-communication with parents.
  • Provide direct access to grades and assignments.
  • Send notifications to parents about upcoming due dates and missed assignments.
  • Alert families to school events and activities.

Registering parents is similar to student registration, with one additional security measure – each family will need their own unique parent code to register.   This is to ensure that parents can only interact with you and with their child.

To get started:

  1. Login to
  2. Hover your cursor over your Class group until the menu appears, then select Members to open your class.
  3. Select the Parent Code icon for any of your students on the right side of the page.
  4. Select Download All.  This will download an excel spreadsheet of all of the parent codes for your class.
  5. Parent Accounts Email:  Send an email to parents with details on how to get started. We’ve provided some sample text to help you get started.

The Parent Account User Guide provides further information on Parent Accounts and we recommend that you direct parents to the resources on for more information on how to use the service.

We are looking forward to finding new ways to engage parents in classroom activities through Edmodo Parent Accounts – I hope you enjoy this new feature!

26 responses to “Parent Accounts Now Available”

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  3. Mrs. Yakes says:

    Thank you ! I have been looking for this feature since I believe the home school connection is vital to student success. You are the most responsive support group I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

  4. Kconochan says:

    What a great new feature. I think EDMODO is very forward thinking and responsive to the needs of the critical members of the educational circle
    Students Teachers Parents
    Mr. Conochan

  5. Kirstie Knighton says:

    I would like for parents to be able to receive text or e-mail messages when I send an alert. Will this be an added feature in the future?

    • Nerickson says:

      You can do this,…… The only thing is that it appears as if you have to add them in individually by name once they join. I wonder if there is a way to set them as a group as well or not?????? Either way you can send them private msgs, or group msgs, but you have to do it one parent at a time which can take a while. If anyone knows how to make it faster let us know.

      • Kirstie Knighton says:

        I want them to be able to see the alerts I send, not just general messages. Sometimes I send alerts to remind students of tests or quizzes. I want parents to be able to see these, too. Right now, they can only receive text messages with assignments, direct messages, and replies.

  6. Berrendsci says:

    I played with this as a sample parent to see what they saw online..Any ideas how I erase this ‘parent’?

  7. Prettylady1203 says:

    where do I get a parent code ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to seeing how this will help get parents involved. Thank you, Edmodo.

  9. Jan Wells says:

    Thanks for this new feature. I’m excited to introduce this to parents, and how this will impact learning and communication.

  10. Brian Mannix says:

    I think this is a great feature and will add a lot of ease of connection for missing HW, etc. My concern is that it basically sets up two email accounts that you have to constantly monitor which can be overwhelmingly time consuming. I hope they will add a parent only (or at least the choice to choose a parent only) checkbox that will send all direct messages from parents to a specified school email account.

    That would be a great feature and would integrate Edmodo into school email systems, rather than try to completely replace them, which is a very tall order.

    What do others think about this?

  11. As a high school teacher using Edmodo, I have concerns about the way that parent codes provide parents with access to all subjects their child is enrolled in. My school would be much more willing to adopt parent codes if they were subject-specific.
    Are there any plans for Edmodo to take this step?

  12. Jbenedict says:

    Hate to be a bummer… but i’ve been in 5 school districts that have all had this feature via online gradebook software and online calendars and email.  This feature is really un-needed and behind its time.

    I’d much rather look for more forward thinking integration that actually beats the curve instead of hanging behind it.  Such as an edmodo widget that integrates into class websites (i.e. google sites) or application for web browsers like chrome and firefox?

  13. Guest says:

    I was given a parent code by my school and just signed up for a parent account.  I am now the proud father of a boy I never met in North Carolina, with no idea how to change or close my account. 

  14. This website saves me :DD

  15. Labiba says:

    hi every one i was just playing around with the new feature and made a parent account but now i want to delete this one and make a new one ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DELETE A PARENT ACCOUNT??? plz reply i need help

  16. Jessica says:

    Hello All,

    How do parents feel about the use of social media like this in a school setting. There have been incidents of bullying in my child school, and clearly it’s not able to be effectively monitored.

    I notice that some teachers are concerned about parents having full access, but as minors, we have the right to monitor each and every online activity our children / teens participate in.

  17. elizabeth says:

    hi i want to know if this site is only for schools.And if it is available for parents to use to help their children please let me know how i can use this site; because my child’s teacher does not make use of it and i would like to .Thank you

  18. Marilee says:

    Schoology allows me to download an excel spread sheet with all of the parents’ unique access codes, rather than individually clicking on each student and requesting a parent code. Is there a way to do this on Edmodo?

  19. Bloggerwan says:

    Thanks for your explanation. Really help me to understand this feature.

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