Taking a Global Approach to Education

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January 12th, 2011

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Now that your classroom, your school, your parents and your colleagues are all on Edmodo – this year we challenge you to break down the walls even further and take a global approach to education.

photo courtesy of Salem Gazette: Wickedlocal.com

Follow the lead of the teachers and students at The Phoenix School in Salem, MA, who used Edmodo to launch a global Flat Stanley project and the Flat Classroom project.  Through this experience, students have connected with their peers in New York, Illinois, London, Prague, New Delhi, and Beijing, using Edmodo as the platform for communication and exchange of materials.

According to the article, “Flat Classroom has connected nine schools around the world in an effort to present information about five aspects of each community: school time, languages and clothing, foods and celebrations, leisure time, and housing and transportation. The project is called “A Week in the Life …”  Imagine the impact an experience like this has on a child’s world view — being able to talk to kids all over the globe will provide them insight and understanding that goes far beyond anything they could learn by watching a video or reading a book.  By exposing our students to the ideas and cultures in the world around them, we are also preparing them to succeed in a workplace that no longer bound by geography.

To all the teachers and students at the Phoenix School — well done and keep us updated on Flat Stanley’s travels!

If you have a story of making global connections on Edmodo — please share it – we’d love to showcase it here.

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