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March 1st, 2011

Sharing of content has always been an important feature of Edmodo. From how-to YouTube videos to Glogs or Pixton comics featuring the creative talents of students, embedding media is one of the ways teachers and students use Edmodo on a daily basis to share and collaborate. The recent addition of the Engagement number on each resource provides users with visibility into the types of resources that are most frequently shared. If you haven’t seen these Engagement numbers yet, it’s the blue numbered box next to each document (as shown below):

Last week, the top 10 sites linked to in Edmodo were:

  1. Sumo Paint
  2. Keyboarding Online
  3. Eek! Our Earth: What a Waste
  4. Jungle Photos
  5. Pixton
  6. Typing Web
  7. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  8. Make Beliefs Comix
  9. Tag Crowd
  10. Pitara

Surprisingly, the top site link last week was to an online Painting Software – let’s hear it for our Edmodo Art teachers! Also interesting to note is that most of the shared links are things to “do” rather than static resources. From typing programs to educational games, teachers are sharing activities rather than just linking to information.

Going forward, each week we’ll post a “Top 10” list of the links, content, and embeds that are shared on Edmodo — we think it may provide some insight into the types of content educators all over the world are using in the classroom – and perhaps inspire you to try out a few new tools in your classroom.

We would love to know what other kinds of Ah-Ha’s you have had while clicking on an “add to my library” link or looking at an Engagement number for a favorite resource.  What kind of content are you most likely to share?

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