Site Enhancements: New Communities, Read-Only, and more…

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March 4th, 2011

Based on your feedback, we launched some new features last night — we’re pretty excited about them, and hope you will be too:)  Updates include:

New Communities: Last Fall, we launched Communities to provide a place for educators to gather with like-minded professionals to exchange ideas and share content on the topics that interest you.  Based on the success of our initial core communities, today we’re pleased to launch additional subject area communities, including:

  • Computer Technology
  • Professional Development
  • Vocational Studies
  • Health/PE
  • Creative Arts
  • World Languages
  • Special Education

To join a community, simply go to the Communities page, select the community that interests you and choose “Join Community.”  You’ll also see the new communities appear in the Suggestions section – you can join from there as well.

Read-only: Teachers now have the ability to provide groups or individuals “Read-only” access to Edmodo.  Students in Read-only status may still view posts, turn in assignments and send direct posts to their teacher, but the cannot post messages to the entire group.

Saved Assignments: With this feature, you can reuse assignments multiple times without recreating assignment information. Clicking “Load Assignment” in the Assignment tab of the Post Bubble launches a list all of the assignments you’ve created in the past.  Selecting an assignment pre-populates the assignment form and attaches any resources associated with the assignment.

Connection Filter: Just below your profile image, we’ve added new ways to filter your view.  Select the connections filter to view only posts made by educators with whom you are directly connected.

Thank you to all of the educators whose feedback and requests helped guide the development of these new features. As always, let us know what you think!!


7 responses to “Site Enhancements: New Communities, Read-Only, and more…”

  1. Bianca Hewes says:

    The ‘read-only’ option is brilliant – not for me – but for apprehensive teachers who feel that cannot effectively control ‘student chat’ in the traditional edmodo format. Edmodo revolution just got even more permanent at my school!

    • Betsy says:

      Thanks Bianca! We received the request from a number of teachers – but I have to say, Mr. Zuber, a teacher from Australia, was one of the biggest champions of Read-only and made sure it stayed on our radar. So you can do a little Aussie gloating for that one;)

      • Nordin Zuber says:

        And thank you Betsy for your efforts to make this happen! While read-only may appear counter to the spirit of edmodo, situations do occur with some students where it may be necessary – hopefully only for a short period while they adapt to the new social networking world.

  2. Mr Rick KT says:

    I agree with Bianca about the Read Only addition. We do not have any major problems with our students’ posting and monitoring is quite easy. Yet we have a standard that we are building with our 9-10 yr old students about posting useful notes and good, solid replies. I wouldn’t want to make the read only option a punishment but perhaps present it as an alternative. Perhaps something to start with, so the students have to earn the right to post to groups at the start. Just thinking (typing) out loud…

  3. Carson says:

    Maybe there can be a fetuare that is more…. specific/elaborate…. maybe a custom setting for groups and even specific members…. just an idea.

  4. Ms Loy says:

    hi, thanks for the new features. perhaps you could work on letting us able to add or remove attached files during editing of messages?

  5. S. Lindgren says:

    I use Edmodo in several of my junior high/high school classes on a daily basis. I would love to be able to put in my assignments for the week, but not have them show up until a specific date. If I put all my assignments in before they are due, invariably I have someone posting their work to the wrong assignment.

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