New Release: Enhanced Group Management

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April 18th, 2011

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Suddenly this morning, the entire Edmodo universe wanted to change their group settings!  And everything was different!   Alas, we have learned a good lesson about the perils of not having a blog post ready to go immediately after the release. *hangs head*

Sorry for the confusion this morning — but yes, we released some site enhancements this weekend, including updates to the way groups are managed.

Group Menu: You no longer need to scroll over the group to make the group menu appear.  Now, just select the group and you’ll see the settings and member information on the right side navigation on the page. (PS. don’t even bother trying to join the group listed in the picture below, you renegade group joiners… we’ve already reset the group code;)

Locking Groups: After all members have joined your group, you can now lock your group by selecting ‘Lock’ from the drop down menu next to the code.  This will reset and hide the code and prevent new members from joining. To allow new users to join a locked group, you can select Unlock from the same menu to view the new code.

Group Management: When you create a new group, in the Create Box, you’ll see a link to a few Group Management Best Practices.  We encourage all users to check out those suggestions!

As always, let us know what you think!

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  1. Ms. DesJardins says:

    How do I set the students already in that class to read-only? Now the only option is the defaul the new memebrs!

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