New Release: Unique URLs, Shared Folders & Trending Content

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April 26th, 2011

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In case you missed it in last week’s launch, take some time this week to try out these new Edmodo features, based on feedback from our teacher community.  We hope you find these new features valuable — as always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Trending Content in the Communities: Now it’s even easier to find the content your peers and colleagues are using most in the classroom.  In Communities, select ‘Trending’ to see the posts related to the most shared content. For a quick view, Top Content is now listed on the right side navigation.

Unique URLs for Posts: By popular demand, each post on Edmodo now generates a unique URL, allowing educators to provide direct links to specific group discussions, isolate key learning points, and share valuable classroom moments with other Edmodo groups or teachers.

To access Post Links, select the More dropdown box below each post, then select Link to this Post.

Shared Folders: We’ve made it easier to view the folders you’ve shared with your groups — now you can view them with one click from your homepage.  Simply select your group, and all of the folders you’ve shared are visible on the right side navigation.

If you’ve never shared a folder with a group:

1. Select Library

2. Select the blue pencil icon next to the folder you want to share

3. Select “Settings”

4. Type the name of the group or groups with whom you want to share the folder.

7 responses to “New Release: Unique URLs, Shared Folders & Trending Content”

  1. Margie Johnson says:

    Loved the addition of the shared folders to the main page as people were having a hard time finding them….

    Great job!! Keep up the great work, Edmodo!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to the Edmodo team. You are constantly working to make our experience with Edmodo be best it can be.

  3. Evalacroix says:

    Dear Edmodo administrator,
    I am using Edmodo for my German Lessons in France. I find it really useful and exciting. Do you plan to create a German interface, in addition to the English, Spanish and Portuguese one? That would be great! Thank you in advance.
    Eva Lacroix

  4. Is there a way for two teachers to add to the same shared folder collaboratively? Right now I am the bottleneck for resources that can be added to Edmodo’s library, but I’d like to collaborate with another teacher so that we can both add resources.

  5. Benjamin Aulton says:

    Can we have folders in folders? That would be a great help! ^_^

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