A Final View from the District

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June 20th, 2011

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Andy McKiel‘s final post! (but stay tuned to hear from Andy and the rest of the Featured Blogger team live from ISTE!)


Wow!  I can’t believe the end is almost upon us.  For some of you, the end of the school year has already arrived and you’re savouring the opportunities to spend your time however you wish.  For the rest of us, the end of the school year is so close that it’ll be here before we know it!  For all the educators I know, summer is the time to reflect on how the previous year went and plan for the year ahead.  But, more importantly, summer is a time to re-connect with friends and family and focus on the little things that we so often take for granted.

For me, there’s another bittersweet finish just ahead – the end of my Edmodo Featured Blogger experience.  This is it – my final post.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to post some of my thoughts and experiences in this space, and I’ve learned so much in the process.  Writing content for someone else’s blog has been more challenging than I would have thought, but this is an opportunity that I’m so honoured to have had.

But, as they say, just as one door closes, another will soon open.  As a result of my participation in Edmodo’s Featured Blogger series, I’m being rewarded in a very big way.  At the end of this week, I’ll be heading out to Philadelphia for the ISTE Conference to connect with the Edmodo team, all of the other Featured Bloggers, and I’ll have the opportunity to connect face to face with a number of the folks from my PLN that I’ve only ever known through my online experiences.

While my attendance at this year’s ISTE Conference could be seen as the culminating event of my Featured Blogger experience, I’m guessing that it will open up many new doors for me.  I’m optimistic that this will lead to many new connections and future collaborations with like-minded educators from around the globe.

And just as the door closes on one school year, we know for a fact that the doors will be thrown wide open in September as a new crop of students enter our classrooms craving opportunities to connect and collaborate.

As our district administrator for Edmodo, I’m already looking ahead to September and considering some of the things that will need to happen to ensure that even more of our teachers get on board with Edmodo.  I’m putting plans in place to meet the needs of the teachers in my district and provide them with adequate support.  In no particular order, I know that over the summer, and into September, I must:

  • keep promoting effective uses of Edmodo so that our teachers can learn from each other’s experiences
  • provide ongoing professional learning so that our teachers don’t feel as though they’re forced into learning the ropes without any support
  • encourage our teachers to join Edmodo communities so that they can learn from the collective knowledge of all the participants in these communities
  • help our teachers connect and collaborate with like-minded educators from anywhere in the world through Edmodo

There are so many reasons why all of our teachers should be using Edmodo.  If you’ve been using Edmodo yourself, you likely already know the many benefits associated with having your students connect and collaborate within Edmodo.  And if you’ve been following the Featured Blogger series closely over the last ten weeks, you will have read many amazing examples of the power Edmodo has had in transforming the teaching and learning experiences in classrooms around the world.

I’d like to just close by saying “thanks” to Edmodo – and not just the tool but the people behind Edmodo.  You’re the ones who stand behind this platform and make it the rich and powerful teaching and learning tool that it is.

To think that Edmodo has climbed to almost 2 million users and you can still provide such direct support to each end user is absolutely incredible.  Whether we post questions into the Edmodo Support community or tweet a requested feature update, you listen to us and you respond to our wants and needs.

And thanks, Edmodo, for allowing me the opportunity to participate in your Featured Blogger series 🙂  I’m so honoured to have been included in this esteemed group!  I’ve learned so much from reading all of the posts from the rest of the gang and I know that this experience is really just a new beginning for all of us. Shannon, Bret, Liz & Bianca – I can’t wait to chat with each of you about the amazing things that you do to foster a love of learning in your students…

Lastly, if you’ve stuck with me through my posts over the past ten weeks, thank YOU!  I hope I’ve challenged your thinking a little and that you’ve gotten something out of reading my posts.  I have so much more to share that hasn’t surfaced in my Edmodo blog posts.  If you’d like to connect with me to learn more, you can find me in Edmodo or on Twitter.  And, if you’re heading out to Philly for ISTE next week and you see a big, tall goofy looking Canadian guy wandering around looking lost, it’s probably me – please feel free to come and help me out 😉

Thanks for reading,


(Note from Betsy:  Gaah! you made me cry! We can’t thank you enough for all that you have contributed to the Edmodo community!  See you in Philly at ISTE!)

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  1. Right back at ya McKiel-sharing this experience has been an honor. Your district is lucky to have you.

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