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June 23rd, 2011

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Final thoughts on Student PLNs with Liz Castillo!

There are so many reasons why I really love using technology with my students.  I have seen how it helps my students to stay engaged in the content, be creative, and develop the necessary 21st century skills that will help them to become future leaders.  Using technology has also helped me to be more innovative as a teacher, to connect to other amazing educators, and to reinvent my role as a teacher.  If you are reading this post, you are probably a lot like me…always looking for new ways to transform teaching and learning and effectively meet the needs of our students.

Over the past few weeks I have shared how Edmodo has been a key toward helping me to achieve my goal of building a successful student PLN.  Although there are many technology tools out there, Edmodo stands out as one of the best.  It has become an essential part of my classroom to positively impact learning, communication, and critical thinking both within my class and beyond our four walls.  Most importantly, it has changed and strengthened the relationships between students and teachers.  Because of the integration of Edmodo in my class this year, my students weren’t afraid to ask questions and use one another as a primary resource.  As a teacher, it helped me to move further away from “sage on the stage” and put the power of learning in the hands of my students.

At the end of the school year, I gave my students a survey to find out what they thought about using Edmodo and building our class PLN.  All of my students shared that they really enjoyed using Edmodo to communicate, share their learning, turn in assignments, give and get feedback, and stay organized.  They also enjoyed connecting with students beyond our classroom and working collaboratively on group projects.  Many of my students described Edmodo as being “fun” and one student said “Edmodo brought us closer together.”  The comments were overwhelmingly positive and provided evidence that my goal to create a student PLN was a success.

I know that I will continue to use Edmodo to build student PLN’s and connect my students to one another and the world.  I am impressed by how the Edmodo team has made this tool more than just a social networking site.  It is a dynamic community that allows both students and teachers to transform the way that teaching and learning takes place.  Furthermore, I am so thankful for all of the educators and my fellow Featured Bloggers who contribute to the Edmodo community and inspire me to integrate new ideas and resources in my classroom.  Thank you all for being a part of my PLN and for the contributions you have made to my professional growth.

Although this experience is coming to an end, I will continue to promote and share about Edmodo with as many educators and administrators that I can.  I am already planning a beginning of the year training session with our faculty as well as a presentation at a local conference in the Fall.  I am hopeful that more teachers will get hooked and realize the potential that Edmodo has for connecting their students.  I have also made some connections through the Edmodo community that will hopefully extend my student PLN to other states and countries.  I am so excited at what the future brings!

I feel so honored to have spent time with all of you as a Featured Blogger and I look forward to further expanding my PLN and creating new opportunities for collaboration and learning.  I am also excited to connect with you either through Edmodo, Twitter, or in-person…perhaps I will meet some of you at ISTE next week!

Thank you again for this opportunity to share and learn with you over the past few weeks.  I am truly inspired by all that you do to continue to support and improve the educational opportunities for your students.

Aloha a hui hou (Until we meet again)!


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  1. Jathoms1 says:

    What’s a PLN?

  2. Jim Hollis says:

    Great post! Im interested in knowing more.

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