New Release: Student Profiles, Badges and Assignment Filtering

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July 21st, 2011

Last night’s system upgrade included a few new exciting features including:

    • Student profiles: Get more insight into each of your students through new student profiles! Students profiles allow you to view that student’s teachers, groups, classmates and recent activity.  This information is automatically generated based on their Edmodo activity, but the student can also share a little bit about themselves by selecting their learning style and career goal.  The ability to select a favorite quote is on the way!
    • Badges: The new student profiles also include badges.  These new badges enable you to incentivize your students and provide recognition for their achievements. To award a badge, visit the profile of the student you’d like to award and select the “award badge” button at the top of their profile page. A panel will open up that will allow you to create a badge, or select from a list of Edmodo created badges.
    • Assignment Filtering: New filtering will help you and your students organize and find assignments.  Simply filter your post by assignments (from the left navigation) and you will then see the ability to sort by those that are “coming due”, or “most recently posted” at the top of your stream.

39 responses to “New Release: Student Profiles, Badges and Assignment Filtering”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just checked out the new features. Can’t wait for school to start so my students can add to their profiles. I think the badges will be a great hit.

  2. Meg Shuman says:

    is there any way to post-date an assignment and have it ‘pop-up’ on the set date?

  3. kcollazo says:

    I love the new badges! The kids will be very motivated by this little addition! Thanks for all the hard work you do to continue to make Edmodo the best tool out there!

  4. Michele Jackson says:

    LOVE the badges!!!! Thanks

  5. Jpitner says:

    I am even more excited to start using Edmodo with badges!  Now we can finally reward students more simply!  

    Would be interesting to have an option to announce the badge group-wide or at least as a notification to the student!

  6. Srlab4801 says:

    Is there a way to add badges to multiple students? I have 300 students and I would love to give a badge to more than one student at a time.

  7. Kmax925 says:

    how do u get badges

  8. Kjohnson says:

    Love the badges, but would like to be able to award them to my faculty members for PLC/PLN time. I created a badge, but do not see where I can award them to the members on their profile pages. Can this be done?

  9. noah moss says:

    i think that its cool

  10. mia says:


  11. caleb ramsey says:

    wow there pretty good

  12. caleb ramsey says:



  14. cesbenjamin says:

    I hope you have a good christmas

  15. NoahBaker says:

    Im a dwarf and I’m digging a hole…………………

  16. big daddy says:

    why sad………HAH

  17. big daddy says:


  18. big daddy says:


  19. HI says:

    I love you boyfriend

  20. Serena says:

    So I went to fill out my student profile and there’s something I’m really disappointed about. You give people the option to add their future career, but I know that mine isn’t included. So either a new method of adding careers needs to be used, or you need to expand your range of careers.

  21. James says:

    I love edmodo.

  22. […] summer we released student badges, a feature that allows you to incentivize your students and provide recognition for […]

  23. EMrose says:


  24. Branden says:

    Is there a way to pick custom quotes? None of the examples are ones I like. My quote would be: “I wouldn’t say I’m an evil genius…I’m not sure I’m evil, and I’m not sure I’m a genius.” Adam Savage.

  25. Jesalee v says:

    LOVE the website and think its awesome!!!!!!!

  26. Elle Moore says:

    Please add this quote options so I can complete my profile:

    “Simple can be harder than complex.” Steve Jobs

    Why can’t we type in our own quote??? Quotes are very personal, and I don’t want to select one you hare already provided.

    3rd grade

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