EdmodoCon 2011: Educator Toolkit and Recorded Sessions

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August 15th, 2011

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We wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who was able to attend EdmodoCon 2011 last week.  We were blown away with the number of attendees who logged in throughout the day as well as the positive feedback we received after the event.  We can’t wait to do it again next  year!

We know there were a number of you who were interested in participating, but couldn’t make it, and many of you who could only attend for part of the day.  Today we’d like to share with everyone the official EdmodoCon Toolkit and a link to the recorded sessions.

Educator Toolkit

One of our goals with EdmodoCon was to give teachers inspiration for using Edmodo in the classroom this year. To help achieve this, our presenters have helped us assemble an Educator Toolkit that is now available via the EdmodoCon Group.  You can find all of the toolkit materials, as well as all the presentations from EdmodoCon in the shared folder titled “EdmodoCon 2011”. (Note: If you are not a member of the EdmodoCon group, but would like access, please send a request.)

EdmodoCon Recording

Many of you have been anticipating the EdmodoCon recording and we’re please to let you know it is now available.  At this time, it is only available in one long recorded block, so it will take a few minutes or more to open, depending on your Internet connection (you’ll see a “buffering” message until it caches and plays).  If you’d like to see the chat session, be sure to select the chat icon in the upper right corner of the page.

UPDATE: The sessions are now available in individual videos. View the EdmodoCon archives.

Here is a time table that will help you navigate to specific sessions:

Mobile Learning

Teaching Methods

  • Project Based Learning (Liz Castillo): 1:55:43
  • KIPP Action Research (Kristen Sigler, KIPP Adelante): 2:26:47
  • KIPP Action Research (Kuanza Johnson– KIPP Tulsa): 2:35:00
  • KIPP Action Research (Kristen Sigler– TEAM Charter Schools): 2:40:20

Keynote Presentation- The Road Ahead (Nic Borg & Jason Barros): 2:56:24

Community Engagement- Parents, Students and Admins (Peter McAsh): 3:56:09

School & District Showcase, Moderated by Andy McKiel; 4:56:28

The Digital Playground

Global Connections

Edmodo for Primary students- It’s All Elementary (Jennifer Bond): 8:56:00

Wake Up Australia! Aussie Showcase, Moderated by Bianca Hewes: 9:28:10

Closing Remarks: 10:52:50

Many thanks again to all of you who showed interest in our first global user conference!

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    I just read about your toolkit ,  I think a lot of things  i have vto  discover  from you. Anyway thank alot forvthe information

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