Edmodo Back to School: 9 Tips For Online Safety

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August 19th, 2011

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As you prepare for the new school year, follow these best practices to ensure safe and secure usage of Edmodo in your classroom, school and district.

1. Set up a school or district subdomain

Having a subdomain allows all communication within your school or district to be viewed by administrators, providing full disclosure for teachers and students. It also enable better communication between schools in your district.  Encourage your district administrator to sign up for a school or district subdomain, or if you are a district administrator, claim your subdomain today.

2. Select unique student passwords
When helping students set up their Edmodo account, be sure to have them choose unique passwords.  Using generic passwords (such as “password”, “Name”123 or their birthdate) opens up the possibility for students to guess each other’s passwords. 

3. Manage the distribution of group codes

It’s a good idea to distribute the group code to your students in-class. Distributing the code via a blog, Twitter or any other public forum opens the possibility for others who are not meant to be in your group to join your group.  (NOTE: As the teacher, you have the ability to delete any members who join your group in error)

4. Set up notifications

Notifications alert you to new activity in your Edmodo groups and connections.  We recommend setting up text or email alerts to help you monitor students’ posts in your groups.  To do this, visit the settings panel in your Edmodo account and select how you’d like to receive your notifications (text or email) and the type of notifications (i.e. for new posts, replies, direct messages, etc.).

5. Lock the group code

Once your students join your Edmodo group, be sure to lock the group code so that no other students can join.  You can lock the group code by selecting the drop down arrow next to the group code and selecting the lock option.  (Note: your group code can easily be unlocked if needed.)

6. Reset option

Edmodo provides the option to reset a group code.  To reset the group code, select the drop down arrow next to the group code and select “reset”.  A new 6-digit code will immediately be generated.  (Note: group members who have already joined will not need to rejoin if you reset the group code).

7. Set expectations

It’s important to set clear parameters with students about the content that is appropriate for your Edmodo class group. At the beginning of the year, you may want to implement guidelines and expectations for your students when posting on Edmodo.  A really great example that we like to point out is this Edmodo Posting Rubric that was shared by Mr. Hamin in the Language Arts Community.

8. Read-only status

“Read-only” status provides a valuable bridge for students who are in the process of building appropriate digital citizenship skills. Read-only status can be managed by the teacher and allows a student to view classroom messages, submit assignments and communicate directly to their teacher, but limits their ability to post messages to the entire group.   To change a students posting status, select “manage” from the Members section >select the student > change status to “read-only”.

9. Invite parents to Edmodo

Keep parents in-the-know of all your classroom activity by inviting them to Edmodo.  By creating their own Edmodo account, parents can see what you (the teacher) post to the class, what their student is posting to the class and their student’s grades, assignments and calendar.  For more information on creating parent accounts, view our recent blog post.

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  1. Nordin Zuber says:

    A fantastic summary! Thank you.

  2. India Baines says:

    Im loveingg Hanes thiss year !! :))

  3. Adrick Adri says:

    I will recommend this to my colleagues, and I will create a group for my class.

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    wow this is amazballs im going to show my students this they will love it

  6. Clemons says:

    This is a great safe and secure way to share ideas for classes. I’m going to set up everything this summer. I’m excited.

  7. Clemons says:

    This is so great. I can use this as a great social networking tool between groups of classes.

  8. Stephanie H says:

    On line safety is very important.

  9. Alita says:

    Understanding that the site is controlled by the teacher is rewarding. I am afraid with all safety lines in place, it can still be used to communicate is in an unappropriate way (teachers are not always hip with the lastest jargon).

  10. Stephanie HP says:

    I think with all online sites one must be diligent in utilizing common sense online safety precautions.

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