Student 2.0: A New Featured Blogger Series

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September 9th, 2011

Earlier this summer, we issued a call for applications to the Edmodo community for teachers who might be interested in sharing their experiences as they begin using Edmodo in the classroom for the first time. As usual, we were overwhelmed with feedback from teachers all over the world. Thanks so much to everyone who applied!

We’ve decided we’re going to take a bit of a different approach this time.   Instead of a bunch of educators writing about how their students are adapting to Edmodo, we’re going to let the students tell us themselves.

Beginning today and continuing for the next 8 weeks, the students from Ms. Sigler’s class at the TEAM Academy Charter School in Newark, NJ will share their insights and experiences using technology and social media in the classroom. Our goal is to shed light, in the most authentic way possible, on why EdTech is important to learning. Our students range from grade 5-8 and have a wide variety of interests and perspectives. We aren’t limiting their feedback – our only guideline is that they be willing to share honestly– whether it’s providing a thoughtful conclusion about a tool they used, sharing a project of which they are especially proud, challenging the conventional wisdom of technology in the classroom, or simply providing a critical review of Edmodo – every Friday afternoon, TEAM Academy will weigh in with their perspective.

Later today we’ll post their first entry. I hope you’ll follow, encourage, question, and in general contribute to their dialogue.

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    hay im peyton and im new to the edmodo thing and all

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