Student 2.0: Blogging is the new way to journal

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September 24th, 2011

Blogging can be a powerful writing tool.  By providing students with an outlet to share their interests, dreams and experiences, we help students build confidence, develop a love for writing and create a vision of their future that will follow them throughout their lives.

If you haven’t yet tried blogging with your students, consider creating an Edmodo Group specifically for your class blog and allow students to take turns being the “blogger of the day”. Or, take things even further and allow each student to create their own space for daily writing via public blogging tools such as wordpress or blogspot, where students can share their posts via RSS into their Edmodo feed.

Check out a blog entry that 7th grader Maya Woolridge from TEAM Charter Academy in Newark, NJ recently shared with her peers — it’s easy to see she is well on her way to realizing her dream of a career in the Travel industry.  Just reading her entry makes me want to plan my next trip!


Well, I’m sure everybody who has read this blog, knows that I have been putting a lot of work into this blog, but with a lot of work, comes a lot of words.  In the beginning… – No just kidding, but really- in the beginning…

I made a list of the top three places I wanted to study for my job as a Travel Agent in tech class.

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Beijing China

After seriously considering what would be the best choice for me, I narrowed it down to Tokyo, Japan, which is also, the best city ever!

After I selected my dream destination, I made a business card, making me even more professional! Of course, you have to have a business card.

What came next after that was I researched the places that Tokyo, Japan had to offer, like some really cool places you had to check out, to get the full awesome Tokyo experience. I selected a few places that were absolutely necessary to visit to know you had a great time, then moved onto what had to happen for you even get there! Guess! Too late~!


Don’t have on a parka coat- you have on a T-shirt, a pair of capri’s, and flip-flops, or something similar to that!

The latest activity we have accomplished so far was making an itinerary for what we were going to do the first day we arrived at our location. I had a really fun time, and put everything that I wanted to do down on my itinerary, so I won’t miss out on anything epic. Who would want to miss out on anything epic in Tokyo, Japan? Not me!

And this America, has been a not-so-very-but-kind-of brief summary of what we’ve been doing in tech class so far. I can’t wait for what happens next! But actually, I kind of have to.

Take care everybody! Thanks for reading! It really makes me happy knowing you read it. Thank you again~Maya




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