Student 2.0: Positive Digital Footprints and College Planning

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October 9th, 2011

More insight from Kristen Sigler‘s class at TEAM Academy Charter School in Newark New Jersey on how they use technology to prepare students for the connected world in which we live. Today’s post is by 8th grade student Saheed Seabury.


My name is Saheed and my tech class has been doing a unit about how to try to get into really good colleges. So far in this unit we have been fixing our Facebook page and making it more proper for any interviews that we go into because many college admissions people will be looking for us through our Facebook page. We want to make sure we are keeping a positive digital footprint. Any inappropriate things can hurt our chances of getting into a good school. We have researched ways that people have gotten in trouble or fired from inappropriate messages and pictures on Facebook. We also have learned how Facebook can HELP us through networking. We are allowed to go on Facebook at school because it gives us a chance to give our profiles a makeover 🙂 We are learning how to take control and make our online footprint a positive one!

Today in class we were working on looking up any types of questions that we might be asked during any interviews that we might be in (but mainly college). We had used microsoft word to help us organize the findings of the questions and made our answers to the questions that might be asked, we did this by making a chart to all of the questions that might be asked and answered the questions.

After researching the questions that might be asked we would use Edmodo to post the questions and answers that we had answered. Using Edmodo helps us to post any types of questions to the lesson that went on that day and to post different projects that we need to get done.

I was able to look at my TEAMmate’s work and give them feedback.

I’m not done with my research about what types of questions people will ask me when I’m trying to get into college YET, so I will download my word document at home so I can continue to work on it.

Well, I gotta go!


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