Student 2.0: The Power of Peer Feedback- Bringing out the Best in Every Student

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October 14th, 2011

In our continued series from Kristen Sigler’s class at TEAM Academy charter school, this week 5th grader Daniel Velez shares his first experience presenting in front of a group, and how feedback from his classmates helped him recognize his strengths and learn from his mistakes.  I love this post.  I love that Daniel was nervous, but did it anyways.  I love that his classmates supported him in such a positive way.  It’s moments like these  – the small classroom victories that help students see the best in themselves –that teachers live for. Thanks Daniel for a great end to the week!


Hello my name is Daniel Velez Jr. I am in 5th grade.  The school I go to is TEAM Academy. Yesterday I gave a presentation for my restaurant business plan. My restaurant’s name is “Jackson 5 Café” named after the Jackson 5. They are my favorite music group.


At my restaurant we serve special types of food like organic food for kids who are allergic to regular food and low fat food for grown up and kids who are watching what they eat. At my restaurant we have 62 inch TV’s that show any type of Jackson 5 cartoon or music. When I presented my restaurant business plan to my class, I used to the program called “Prezi”. When I presented my TEAM mates were giving me feedback on Edmodo to what should I do better in my presentation.


After I presented I read the feedback and what happened when I was presenting my Prezi is that I was giving great eye contact, I was confident in what I was saying. I messed up on some of my words, so my TEAM mates let me know through an Edmodo message, so I could fix it. This was helpful with all that information that I did wrong, storing that in my brain, so that way next time I will be  able  to  do  better  on  my  prezi  and  it  will be  a  little more interested. I also used Edmodo by uploading my Prezi so that I had a backup in case my computer didn’t work. For my prezi I had to come to school  with business dress clothes, so that made me, even feel more confident in what I was going to say, and it made me feel more professional. When I had to go up in front of the class I felt nervous and I had butterflies in my stomach, but as I started speaking I became less nervous, and more confident. What I liked best about this project is that it was very creative, and when my teacher told me about it I went on it and I made a restaurant and some things that I am going to keep with me forever is that no matter how old or how young are you,  you always can be creative, and you can always discover new things.

4 responses to “Student 2.0: The Power of Peer Feedback- Bringing out the Best in Every Student”

  1. Dewy says:

    This is the most fun I’ve had creating a quiz. 

  2. StanT says:

    I was matched with a temp job with a high-end real estate firm in my area several months back. During my initial interview with the office controller, she informed me that she and Emily (one of the head agents) were both pregnant and actually had the same due date. Turns out there were two agents named Emily. I didn’t meet the pregnant one first, I just met the fat one. My “Congratulations” and inquiries about name and sex were not well received. I’m blushing just thinking about it.

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  4. spftballrunner8 says:

    great job daniel!

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