How to Organize Group Posts with Tags

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February 22nd, 2012

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Did you know you can create your own set of personalized tags to organize and sort all of your posts? This is especially useful for regular activities or projects that you want to be able to easily access as the year or semester progresses. For example, if your students posted their “science project” to the entire group, you can tag each post with the term “science project”.  Later in the year, if you want to recall all of those posts, simply select the “science project” tag from your list. You can also share your tags so that students can filter group posts as well.

How tagging works:

To tag a post, click on the “tag” link below the post. This will call up a drop-down box where you can create a new tag, or select from the tags you’ve already created.

Once your posts have been tagged, you can sort them by going to your Edmodo homepage or selecting the “latest post” filter.  Your list of tags will be located on the right panel. Select any tag to call up the posts associated with that tag.

Tags can also be shared. By marking a tag “shared”, that tag will be visible to your students, allowing them to sort group posts the same way you do.  To share a tag, select the “manage” link from your tag list. You will be taken to the manage screen, where you can edit the name of a tag, delete a tag or select “share” to make that tag visible to your students.

6 responses to “How to Organize Group Posts with Tags”

  1. Margie J says:

    Is it possible to get the tags to appear when you click on a specific group and not just when you are viewing your homepage?


  2. lesia_maphenchane says:

    what can i do to log in if i happen to forget my user name yet i still remember the password?

  3. yes, all in all i found this advice to be very helpful in my school activities.

  4. hescobar says:

    How can students choose my tags to put on their posts? I thought they would be able to start a tag and my shared tags would pop up for an “auto-fill” option. Also, they can’t seem to see tags from their home page, only their profile page.
    Is this the way it was intended?

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