Shared This Week: ‘The Hunger Games’ Edition

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March 27th, 2012

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For the thousands of Edmodo educators who are teaching The Hunger Games in school (and, from the looks of it, standing in line at the theater) we thought we’d share a few of the top Hunger Games resources that have been shared in Edmodo in the past week.  Feel free to suggest your own ideas and resources in the comments below!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Hunger Games Training: ‘Throughout this activity you will live the life of a tribute selected in the reaping for the Hunger Games.  You will ride to the Capitol on the train with your fellow tribute, Jordan.  After arriving, you will live the life (however short it may be) of a Tribute in Panem: undergoing a Capitol-style makeover, attend the Opening Ceremony for the Hunger Games, train with your mentor (Azar) and the Game Makers, attend a private training session to be rated, interviewed, and thrown into the arena where you will have a one in twenty-four chance of coming out alive”

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:  In this simulation from Scholastic, students may find out if they are ready for the Hunger Games through this interactive site that tests students’ abilities and to determine if they are able to survive the real thing. Remember, there is only one path to survival.

Teaching the Hunger Games:  This blog post from the NY Times provides resources and lesson plans for teaching The Hunger Games.

10 responses to “Shared This Week: ‘The Hunger Games’ Edition”

  1. i watched the hunger games last sunday!it was awesome!!!
    i hope i would get to watch it again!If the is a bokk about it, i would be the first one to buy it!

  2. Carlos Eltagunde says:


  3. Madeline Wegener says:

    I love the hunger games i hope they make a catching fire book!!!!!

  4. Naurice says:

    I love the hunger games, it is a mix of adventure, romance, mystery and so much more it is amazingly awesome. for more

  5. ariel says:

    this actvity would be fun for kids to particpate in

  6. Bobbie Combs says:

    Lesson Concept:

    Students are to experience The Hunger Games Movie by going “Inside” with a virtual tour made possible by Microsoft.

    Official Microsoft Article:

    The Site: (Coolest thing EVER)

    Lesson Idea:

    Students will visit the site, if using Microsoft 2010 they can use OneNote or Word to make screen captures of various images then use the images to create an invitation to the Capital City or create some other product such as an electronic brochure or flyer advertising the city.

    Skills: NETS S standards met in this activity

  7. Thomas Moore says:

    Great movie and book i’ve seen the movie twice and read the book until i forgot how many times i read it

  8. Peter says:

    Great resources! We have a Hunger Games lesson for SMART Notebook on our site:

    The lesson is aligned to the Common Core Standards, contains interactive activities on vocabulary, symbolism, and the book’s characters, and has a differentiated writing assignment.

  9. Adi says:

    I love the hunger games the book and the movie were both awesome can’t wait for the 2nd series

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