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April 18th, 2012

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Creating “small groups” within your main Edmodo group is a great way to help manage and organize your classroom activities. There are two ways that small groups can be used in Edmodo. We’ve outlined both below and highlighted some example uses for each. We’ve also included a few images in a slideshow at the end of the post. For more information on how to set up small groups, visit the Edmodo Help Center.

Using small groups for project or team-based activities – In these examples, all members of your group are divided into small groups. You can specify which students you want added to each small group you create. By placing students in small groups, they can discuss their thoughts, share resources and collaborate on classroom activities in their private small group (and you as the teacher can still oversee their activity). This can also be a great way to differentiate instruction and learning. Examples of using small groups for project or team based activities include:

  • Literature circle groups
  • Project based learning
  • Peer review groups
  • Lab groups

Using small groups to organize posts within your main group – In these examples, all members of the main group are added to each small group you create. This is a simple way to organize classroom activities by project, unit of study, modules or discussion threads. Examples of using small groups to organize posts include:

  • Discussion topics- Anytime you want to start a new discussion topic, create a new small group to help keep posts related to that discussion organized. Tagging is another great option for this.
  • Course delivery – Utilizing small groups and shared folders, you can set up a course by week or module. Watch our in-action video to learn more about Edmodo for course delivery.

If you have any other creative uses for small groups, please share them in the comments.

38 responses to “How to Use Edmodo Small Groups”

  1. Denise Yamashita says:

    I used the small group feature to help students help each other. For instance, when they were working on their literary genre research, I created small groups for each assigned genre (e.g. romance, science fiction) and I asked group members to post the best resources that each of them found. I found this allowed them to pool their resources, and they found better, more useful information much more quickly and effectively. I also used small groups when they were working on creating their book trailers. I created a small group for each type of software (e.g. Animoto, MovieMaker) and told them to post problems as well as tips/solutions they learned. It also worked well, and it helped me. I didn’t have to master each program, or problem solve as often. I love Edmodo!!

  2. Tonya Tingey says:

    We use small groups to evaluate websites — pros and cons of each site.

    • Rosalind says:

      Hi Tonya I read about your suggestion on using small groups to evaluate websites. I am planning the same program and very keen to use small groups in edmodo for students to communicate. Is there any advice from you so that my small groups will be successful.Thanks

  3. Dave Chapman says:

    I will have to do some more thinking about this topic to figure out how i would use small groups in my classroom

  4. Faye Sweeney says:

    Is there a limit to the number of small groups you can have within a group?

  5. Ayasia Hampton says:

    I teach the same subject for 5 different classes, and I am setting up small groups for unit discussions for each class. I am also using the small groups to delivery a science course for students who are recovering credit for classes they failed.I love Edmodo, but I wish we could have the same small group name for the different classes. Please make this possible!

  6. Richanne says:

    Can I send a message exclusively to only one small group?

  7. justwhyte says:

    If I post something in a small group or a student does, do those NOT in a small group see the post? Thank you.

  8. erik says:

    I want to divide the class into small discussion groups. I’ve already created the groups. Can I post the assingment to the class or do I have to post it to each individual group?

  9. RachelH says:

    Can students be in multiple small groups at the same time? I tried this last year and it didn’t work, so I’m wondering if there have been changes to edmodo since then… thank you 🙂

  10. Dean Mantz says:

    I am needing to an a single student to an existing small group. However, I can only find where I can add students in mass. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated as these students are pre-service educators.

    • Dean Mantz says:

      OK, support just helped me resolve the issue. Here are their instructions:

      If you select the “small group”option at the top, select the small group, then drag and drop the student name into the middle section

      students are listed on the right side, just grab the student name and drop into the middle options

  11. Susan Sedro says:

    Is there a size limit for small groups?

    I am hoping to gamify part of my curriculum. As part of that, I’d have students in the Novice, Apprentice, Master or Adept groups. At times, I could have up to three hinder of student in a small group. That isn’t exactly small but it would better fit my needs.

  12. Erin says:

    I sent an assignment to small groups within a larger group, they needed to reply to the assignment with post. I wanted the posts only within their small group, is there a reason I can see everyone’s posts in each group?

  13. Valerie says:

    I want to award student badges to the entire small group? How do I do this without having to click on each student’s name to award the badge individually?

  14. Reid says:

    Tried the suggestion for adding badges by selecting multiple students however you cannot do this in the small group page, which would be nice.

    I also would like to see the ability to add grades by small group for group projects and such. That was there can be feedback that is consistant for the entire team.. My class size is large so it helps sort things out.

    It’s great to see the updates though!

  15. Gillian says:

    Need to be able to share a folder with only one small group. Also, it would be great to be able to make small groups read only.

  16. Sandy says:

    Our small groups activity is done with one project, and we have regrouped. Can I archive the small groups so I retain the work they have uploaded, and then make new small groups? Not sure how to archive the present small groups.

  17. LTUNYA says:

    I am so happy I took time to read this. They are excellent ideas.

  18. Michelle says:

    Please e-mail a response?

    I want to sort students in my “Missed Work” Group into small groups by period. How can I accomplish this?

  19. Jacquelyn Karney says:

    I am confused. Do I have to add students to each small group I create? Or, do I tell them just to start participating in a particular group?

  20. Kitty Hunt/LAPE says:

    good information for using Edmodo.

  21. Chris Fry says:

    I use small groups in two basic ways. To make sure material is targeted at people who will be interested and to set assignments for only students who are still attending the course.

    Targeting the right students.
    – On day one I get my students to tell me their priorities and what aspects of English as a Foreign Language they want to do for homework and what kind of mobile phone they have.
    During the course I send material to the small groups rather than the whole group so that, for example, iPhone users don’t get Android things and people interested in doing more grammar get all the grammar exercises and links and videos.

    Assignments term by term
    – When the second term begins I create a group called ‘Second term’ and put all students who are continuing in it together with any new students.
    When I set assignments in the second term I set them for the ‘Second term’ group, so ex-students don’t get them. The gradebook puts N/A for the ex-students.

    Reading group
    – This is a special case of making sure that posts only go to people who are interested in them. Students read books from a graded reading scheme and write mini reviews of the books they read and send them to the appropriate small group, like Level C.

  22. Gratuz says:

    Is there a way for students to pick their own small groups, or do i have to assign them to small groups?

  23. leonardo says:

    Hi. I created a smal group with other teachers. But They can´t see my posts, neither the small group itself. This work only with teachers for students? Not teachers for other teachers?

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