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April 25th, 2012

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As the school year winds down, many teachers are looking forward to building their skill sets and developing new professional capabilities over the summer. For some educators, this professional development includes learning more about how they can use Edmodo in the classroom. That is why we are pleased to offer the Edmodo Training Badge as our way of recognizing teachers’ efforts to enhance their knowledge of Edmodo.

To earn the badge, attend an Edmodo training session held by your school or district, or watch the Intro to Edmodo recording and follow the instructions for joining the Edmodo New User group.

If you are an administrator interested in holding an Edmodo training, or are planning on conducting professional development sessions over the summer, be sure to attend an Edmodo for Summer Professional Development webinar.

61 responses to “Earn an Edmodo Training Badge”

  1. I love this idea. Offering teachers something as simple as a visual token of their accomplishment is very rewarding to many staff members. However, the blog does not quite describe how after a training to receive the badge. Is there a form to be completed? A group of teachers and I have been exploring Edmodo together. I would love to offer this to them. Could you please send us more details?

    • luciagia says:

      This is all covered in the Edmodo for Summer PD webinar. The training badge is received during the actual Edmodo training. You will need to create a professional development group (sub topic should be Edmodo training) and have teachers join. Once they join the group, the badge will be awarded the badge.

    • Dear The Edmodo Company,
      I forgot my username and my password my username is MaKensie Elrod. If you can help me in some way that would be great. I have tons of class work to get done

      • luciagia says:

        If you are a teacher, you can select the reset password button on the homepage and input your email address. If you are a student, you will need to contact your teacher.

  2. how do i create a group?

  3. Donna Born says:

    I am conducting a school training on May 3. I am a Florida Digital Educator so I attended a district training last month. I will watch the recording but if you have any other links I can share with my teachers, please send them. I will be browsing the site for some as well, but I just saw this on Facebook! My students are loving it!

  4. Sandra says:

    I loved the idea of badges…I was also excited about creating badges of our own.
    I made one for my special kiddos with a books picture. I saw how a badge needs to be 114 by 114 and it created my special one for my first graders.

  5. Todd Williams says:


    The Intro video is great!! Thank you! I will be doing some training sessions for staff over the next month and would love to award the badge. Will the badge be available in the badge “section” of Edmodo? Or do I need to create the new badge myself?

    Thanks again!

    • luciagia says:

      Hi Todd- Anytime someone joins the Edmodo group you created for your taining session, they will automatically be awarded the badge. You’ll need to make sure that when you create your training group, the subject is labeled as “Professional Development”, with the sub topic “Edmodo training”.

  6. Christopher says:

    happy earth day make sure u keep on cleaning the earth or keep it clean if clean already

  7. patrick says:

    how do you blog?

  8. Excellent idea, but I have a question: How do I order the badge?

  9. lindy says:

    just heard about edmodo as if it is very interesting and would like to join .I like the idea of sharing knowledge with others and i thought the idea of badge is very nice

  10. komal says:

    Edmodo is really helping me for school

  11. Sue Baillie says:

    I have been providing Edmodo PD for some of the teachers at my school this semester and I’d love to award the training badge to them. How do I do that?

    • luciagia says:

      The badge is automatically given when a teacher joins a group that is categorized as an Edmodo Training (in the group settings). However, the badge cannot be awarded retroactively. Going forward, if you host another PD and the teachers join that group, they will be given the badge automatically by joining.

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  13. robert says:

    edmodo is awesome i never get a badge though >:(

  14. Neil Jones says:

    The badging principle is just as exciting for adults! We are going to run a mini Edomodo PD next week. Perhaps they can start to earn badges then.

  15. carolina mondragon says:

    I think edmodo is cool by earning bages by our teachers and edmodo and its cool we can earned bages by doing what we have to do ithink I THINK I’LL GIVE EDMODO A THUMBS UP *^▁^*

  16. como puedo tomar la capacitación de edmodo

  17. BHobson says:

    Hi, I have been giving Edmodo how to seminars at workshops both at my school and at TN Association of Independent School events and iSummit. Is there any way for me to get a badge since I have been training people?

  18. kameronmoses says:

    i love this website just love it!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. how do you get badges

    • luciagia says:

      Teacher can award badges to students from the Manage section. Teachers are awarded badges automatically (by Edmodo) based on their Edmodo activity.

  19. Ruth Walker says:

    How can I award other badges for specific activities not related to Edmodo to teachers in my building?

  20. It is a very useful tool. A lot of communication is fun on this website. a safe social networking.

  21. amy says:

    how do you earn edmodo badges

  22. Bonnie says:

    Great idea. Seems we all work for a token of appreciation!!

  23. JoAnne Glenn says:

    I would like to add my support to the idea of schools and districts being able to award custom badges to teachers. We can use edmodo as a professional learning community, and it would be nice to recognize the contributions or achievements of our own teachers.

  24. Jasmine says:

    wow. I think it’s pretty cool that people can get badges. there is never a limit to new technology is there?!

  25. Julie says:

    How do I upload pictures

  26. Dylan says:

    WOW!!! Awesome site 😀

  27. jaxson burns says:


  28. kristen says:

    how do you earn them?

  29. John says:

    I like this idea.

  30. Faith says:

    I want a badge, i love badges!

  31. Cristbel says:

    How do I do to use the same test for 2 different groups? I have already created a test for one of the groups and I’d like to use the same test for another group.

  32. hashbrown says:

    i like the idea of this too.

  33. Cassie says:

    The code given in the video (va38az) is invalid, so I can’t join the Edmodo New User group. Is there another New User group I can join?

  34. Kim Reynolds says:

    I watched the webinar and tried to join the group listed in the chat screen but it said it was an invalid join code.

  35. FatboyURB says:

    Does anyone know if there may be a way to get badges to expire after a certain period of time??

  36. Ben lee says:

    this is a great idear

  37. Bron says:

    Just wondering if there is any plan to enable teachers to award badges to other teachers? For example, if I run a Prezi PL, I’d like to give a badge to those teachers who attended. I know it is not currently possible, just wondering if it might ever happen!

  38. Tamara Ubilla says:

    Hello, The group code I received in the Intro to Edmodo Webinar has expired. Is there a new code I can use?

  39. Duncan says:

    I’m backing Bron’s comment about badges for teachers. Any chance?

    I’ve just set up a group for staff at my college & wanted to issue membership badges initially. But I see that teachers can only issue badges to students, and only Edmodo can issue badges to teachers. I see the logic, but a third category would recognise staff training and other CPD (and fun) events for teachers.

    I hope that you consider this positively.

    Keep up the good work.

  40. Petar Krtalic says:

    Edmodo have so many fun things like:earning badges,chating with friends,watching the videos and learn a lot about computers.

  41. Petar Krtalic says:

    P.S. Edmodo is so awesome.


    I have ben responsible or training all new instructors on EDMODO To date, I have trained over new instructors. can a training Badge be earned this way.

    I initially went to a training session to oin and learn about EDMODO, yet i have not earned this badge. Please advise.

    S. D. Llewellyn

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