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May 4th, 2012

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Last summer we released student badges, a feature that allows you to incentivize your students and provide recognition for their achievements. Since the release, millions of badges have been awarded in Edmodo!

With Spring testing happening in many schools across the U.S., we’ve seen an increase in the number of badges being awarded so we thought we’d provide some tips to help you get the most of badges:

Award multiple badges
You can award a badge to multiple students from your group manage page. Simply visit the manage section, select all the students to whom you want to award the badge and select “award badge”.

Create your own badges
Get creative with badges! Find an image you’d like to turn into a badge and resize the image to 114 x 114 pixels. When you select the award badge button, you will see the “New Badge” option on the left panel. From there you can provide the badge title and description, then upload your image. Select create badge to complete the process. Your new badge will be stored in your student badge library so you can award it at anytime.

Add badges from other teachers
If you need a little inspiration before you start creating your own badges, you can easily view and add other teacher’s badges to your collection. To do this, visit the profile page of any teacher and select the “Shared badges” link located below their profile statistics on the right side of the page. (Note: this link will only appear if they have badges they want to share). Choose any badge from their collection and select the “Add to my student badges” button. That’s all there is to it! You can go back to your badge page and award that badge to any student, or, edit the badge title/description.

Do you have any great badges you want to share with the Edmodo Community? Leave a note in the comments and include your profile URL so others can access the badge.


43 responses to “Incentivize Students with Badges”

  1. carolina mondragon says:

    I think that’s cool *^▁^*

  2. Jennifer Bond says:

    I created a Bucketfiller Badge…complete with permissions from the Bucket Lady, Carol McCloud.

  3. Oops…here’s my profile URL…

  4. Jerrad says:

    It would very cool if we could reward teachers with badges also. I am a technology strategist who uses Edmodo for professional development. I think teachers would love them too!

    • Brandy says:

      I agree Jerrad, I have been doing training, and during the training, teachers began arguing over the badges they did get from the site, how did you get that one, is all I heard.

    • EFrank says:

      Would have loved to have been able to give teachers who attended our Edmodo workshop badges. Had one created and ready to go, but couldn’t issue it. 🙁

    • Kelli G says:

      I agree! I will be doing lots of teacher professional development and want to be able to give teachers the badges they earn for attending.
      That would be so great! 🙂

    • Jon says:

      Any response from Edmodo on this? I feel the same way!

  5. Tara says:

    I’m a student an I would like to know how do we get our badges because everything up above is all about teachers

  6. betsywhalen says:

    Hi Tara: Badges are awarded to students by their teachers – so you may want to check with them to see if they have badges for you to earn!

  7. Glenn Booker says:

    Most of my students really love earning badges. I have many that they know they can earn, and I also have a few surprise ones. They don’t know about these until someone in the class earns one somehow. I’ve made about 60 badges (that ‘Hot Topic’ one in the graphic at the top is mine, w00t!) and I have collected over 100 more from other teachers. Have a look if you want to add any.

  8. nick says:

    hey edmodo shoud add mroe stuff on kids profiles on about

  9. Mr Pitner says:

    Hey, that’s my On the Ball! badge 😀

    Good to see someone else has found my badges useful!

    click my name to see the rest of my 65 badges (though most are geared to content-specific US History and Psychology courses)

  10. Jaden Tyson says:

    There hould be more things for kids to do, like putting vidoes on it and we should be able to play game son the edmodo site.

  11. Mandy says:

    Thanks everyone for your creativity and willingness to share your badges. It makes the life of an Edmodo newby much easier!

  12. April Wagner says:

    I love all the badges–but is there a way for me to organize them? They seem only to be organized by the order in which I added them–but I’d love to be able to shuffle them around or put them in categories??

    • luciagia says:

      Currently there is no way to switch up the order, but great idea. I’ll pass it along to our development team.

      • MJW says:

        Yes – PLEASE! I would like to see them be ordered in the way they were given out, at the very least. It’s soooo hard to see when they were given. Especially when our rewards system is based on 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, etc.

  13. hescobar says:

    How can I see which badges I already awarded to which students?

  14. Mike McGuire says:

    Can I select the color of the outer circle itself? If so, how?

  15. Kat Lemons says:

    Hi! I thought I remembered a “template” of sorts for creating badges, that had the outline already. Does anyone know where I can find that? Everyone has such great badges! I teach AP Calc and want to create some that are specific to my material…


  16. Robin says:

    I love the badges and have collected over 400; thanks to all the teachers I borrowed them from!! However, I agree with the previous post about organizing. It would at least be nice if they could be sorted alphabetically. It takes a long time to sort through them when you have so many. Not complaining that I have too many! So I second the motion to create some method of sorting. Thanks!!

  17. Carolyn says:

    The badges, in my humble opinion, are the next best thing to chips. I’m hoping by awarding a few to the students on Edmodo now will generate an interest in the students not participating to come on board; if for no other reason than curiosity.
    Think it will work?

  18. Jaguar says:

    I can’t make the badge, I did all the steps, but it won’t work.

  19. Bin2000 says:

    How can we create badges ?

  20. Selena says:

    my teacher never ever gave me a badge : (

  21. How can I allow my students to see what badges are available?

  22. M. Wagner says:

    PLEASE – can you pass along this message again? It’s so frustrating that the badges are added in no particular order….they show up randomly. I’d like to convert badges to “points” for gamification of my classroom, but it’s too hard to figure out when they were given and if I’ve already given points for certain ones before. Please either let US change the order, or at least put them in chronological order.

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