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October 25th, 2012

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As this election season comes to a close we’ve been hearing how you’ve been using Edmodo to bring the debates and politics alive in the classroom – from Language Arts to Social Studies, getting students to participate can offer great learning opportunities and encourage them to be active citizens in the future!

Some of you have shared your classes’ view on the debates of this election through hashtagged polls and participation in our Election Insights Community. It’s great to bring the student voice to life. Today we’re launching a great way for your students to get their vote counted and participate in this year’s election – Edmodo Votes 2012.

To be a part of Edmodo Votes 2012 all you need to do is post a poll in your Edmodo groups, enabling students to place their vote for who they believe should be the next president. We’ll tally the results and share with the world just how students would vote.

To participate:

  1. Login to Edmodo
  2. Create a poll asking students to cast their vote. Be sure to use the hashtag #edmodovotes2012 (Learn how to create a poll)
    • Example: Which candidate would you vote for as our next President? #edmodovotes2012
  3. Run the poll with your class by Friday, November 2, 2012. We’ll compile the results and share them with you in advance of election day.
  4. Spread the word about Edmodo Votes 2012 on Twitter!

As always all data will be anonymized and aggregated so that your classroom and student data is protected.

26 responses to “Edmodo Votes 2012”

  1. Sean Decker says:

    Is there an exact question that we need to ask?

    • The question you would ask is – Which candidate would you vote for to be the next president of the United States? – You can phrase it however you would like, but the goal is to find out who they would vote for.

  2. nancy says:

    loving this thing about kids getting the say in who they think should be president

  3. Mattk says:

    How do we use the hashtag given?

  4. Amy says:

    Should we only include Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, or can we have an “Other” category as an option?

  5. Jason Wiese says:

    How will you report the tabulated results?

  6. Bernadette says:

    The hastag is listed as #edomodovotes2012 – is the spelling error correct? Should it be #edmodo or #edomodo

  7. Regina Hoskins says:

    Will the results we get just be for our group/school or all students who are on Edmodo and voted?

  8. Rebecca Root says:

    Should we include all candidates or just the two major party candidates? I’m betting my students aren’t aware that there are other candidates, so that would be interesting. But for any election, you’d want everyone using the same list of candidates. Any recommendation, or just do what we want?

  9. Rick Casterline says:

    I am using Edmodo for our school-wide election. However, since there is no way of “writing in” another candidate, I am attaching a link to another poll maker. Can I still use the #edmodovotes2012?

  10. Lisa Allan says:

    This looks great! I just set it up and hope it works!

  11. Mrs. Autz says:

    Do we run the poll on our personal class site? Who do we “send” it to?

  12. Kelly Fulciniti says:

    When and where can we view all the results?

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