Teacher Spotlight: Marc Lewandowski, St Leonard’s College

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November 29th, 2012

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  • Name: Marc Lewandowski
  • Grade Level & Subject Area: 5-12 Chemistry and Science Teacher
  • School: St. Leonard’s College

I enjoy using new technology and wherever possible integrating this into my teaching is part of my ongoing professional development.  I have been using twitter @mr_lewandowski for a couple of years as a means of building my professional learning network and learning from others.  A number of respected web 2.0 educators who I follow had featured and recommended Edmodo, so I decided to pilot its use with all my classes at school for a term.

I use Edmodo in 4 different ways.

#1. Building My Personal Learning Network

Edmodo helps me share ideas and develop my professional learning network through membership of the different groups and communities.

#2. Streamlining Classroom & Homework Assignments

Edmodo let’s me set homework and in class assignments for students which safeguards against them “losing the sheet” and provides them a reminder that an assignment is due through the calendar and notification tools.

The platform enables me to interact more efficiently with the class through the posts feature because instead of receiving separate queries from students via email, I can reply to a post and all students in the class can see the response.  Students have also taken the lead in responding to fellow student queries.  At school we aim to promote the qualities of a self-managing student and Edmodo is a suitable resource for demonstrating that competency.

#3. Sharing Feedback With Students & Parents

Edmodo helps me provide more timely feedback to the parents and carers of my students.  All written feedback comments and grades are stored within Edmodo which can be discussed.  I can also communicate directly with parents/carers more efficiently than by email because their details stay up-to-date when they sign-up and use the service.

#4. Communicating Across a Large Group

Finally, I have recently become a member of a committee which is responsible for running the annual Science Talent Search (STS) competition in the state of Victoria in Australia. We have started to use Edmodo as a more efficient means of communication between committee members.

Historically, communication between members would be via email and this is quite cumbersome when multiple people are using the reply to all feature at different points in an email thread.  Now we use an Edmodo group to communicate using the reply thread of posts.  Future uses planned are setting tasks using the assignment feature to ensure committee members are delivering their tasks by the required deadlines due to the notification and calendar features.

The poll feature will enable us to quickly vote on choices for set topics in the different divisions of the competition.  We will also be able to share confidential documents between committee members within Edmodo using the library feature managed by the STS administrator.

My Favorite Part About Edmodo

My favorite part about Edmodo is the fact that I have one solution that effectively manages my need for professional development/networking, homework completion, communication/feedback with students, colleagues and parents/carers. It has simplified the need for follow-up of missing homework and hard-copy feedback being lost.  It has simplified communicating with the key groups of people I interact with most.

Edmodo is a fantastic tool that provides so many opportunities to simplify the key tasks required of any teacher.  I cannot recommend it enough!  I have shared my experiences of Edmodo through professional learning events at school and many other staff members are now successfully using it with their classes.

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  1. Leah O'Toole says:

    As someone who works closely with Marc, I know he has had some very positive results with his students using Edmodo. Beyond this, he has actively supported and encouraged other teachers within the College in their use of Edmodo. He is a shining light in his enthusiasm to try, and then master, new ways for his students to learn.

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