Getting Started With the Latest Version of Edmodo

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December 17th, 2012

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We are excited to announce that all our teachers now have access to the latest version of Edmodo. Below we’ve provided answers to a few of your most frequently asked questions and links to helpful resources to get you and your classroom up to speed.

1) Where is the best place to find out information on the latest version?
Our new and improved Help Center makes it easy to get answers to your questions in real time.  In the Help Center you can learn more about what’s changed in the latest version and get introduced to all the new features we hope will make your Edmodo experience even better!

2) How can I access all of my previous work?
All your work has been carried over seamlessly into the latest version.  This includes all files and communications in the library and post stream.

3) Where is the student’s library? What is a backpack?
The student’s library is now called the backpack. Students can upload files and attach links so that the backpack acts as their virtual flash drive.

4) Does the latest version of Edmodo work on my iPad?
Yes. Download the Edmodo iPad app (or install the update if you already have the app) and sign in to access the latest version.

5) Where can I find educational apps for my classroom?
To get started, click on the Apps icon on your top navigation bar.  From there, you can discover relevant content and tools in the Edmodo Store to amplify your lesson plans.  Currently, all US-based teachers have access to the Edmodo Store but we are working tirelessly to expand to more countries.

See more FAQs here.

We hope you enjoy the latest version of Edmodo! As always, we value your feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts in our Support Community.

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