Edmodo How-to: Scheduling Posts

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January 8th, 2013

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With the latest version of Edmodo we rolled out a new feature that you may not have seen – the ability to schedule a post! This highly requested feature enables you to create assignments, quizzes, polls, alerts or notes ahead of time, and select a specific time when you want them posted to your group. It’s a great way to get organized at the start of the week.

To schedule a post:

  1. Click on Note, Alert, Assignment, Quiz or Poll at the top of your center panel of your Edmodo homepage.
  2. Click the “Files,” “Links,” or “Library” link options to upload attachments to your post.
  3. Choose the Schedule option. A pop up window will appear, allowing you to choose the date and hour the post should be published. (Be sure your timezone settings are the same for you and your students).
  4. Type the name of a student, teacher, or group into the “Send to” field, then hit “send” to schedule your post.

Once the post has been scheduled, you will see it listed in your “Spotlight Notifications” at the top right corner of your homepage. You can select the notification to edit or change the scheduled post. Learn more.

11 responses to “Edmodo How-to: Scheduling Posts”

  1. I would like to see the spanish version more developed, i’m giving a workshop to fellow teachers of the university of colima, but most of them don’t know much english.

    If there’s anything i can do to help you out with the translation, let me know.

  2. Matt Whitworth says:

    This is a really great feature – a good improvement imho. One suggestion: could you please allow posts to be scheduled at a specific time (e.g. 14.20 or 09.40). You could still have the drop-down list of times, but enable the time field to be overwritten with a specific time. This would allow an item(s) to be lined up, to become available during a lesson. For example, my lessons run for an hour from 10 past the hour. I usually schedule a post to appear on the hour, so it’s available when we start, and usually something an hour later (often their homework), so 10 mins before the end of the lesson. I want to be able to schedule things to appear DURING my lessons. But thanks anyway, this is a very helpful feature.

  3. Elyse says:

    I’d also love to be able to pin these to the top of the page, so my kids can refer back to it over the week (I only see my kids once every week).

  4. Edison Sierra says:

    Hola, me gustaria hacerles una sugerencia, seria bueno que se contara con una pizarra electronica tal como el IDROO y un video chat para interactuar con los estudiantes.

    Hello, I would like to make a suggestion, it would be nice to be reckoned with an electronic whiteboard as the IDROO and video chat to interact with students.

  5. Michael Brown says:

    I agree with Matt’s comments. It’s nice being able to schedule posts, but this would be a much more useful feature for me if I could select the specific time instead of just on the hour. Thank you

  6. Gladys Baya says:

    Definitely a feature I’d been looking forward to getting!
    Thanks a lot for keeping improving this wonderful educational tool!

  7. Jacky says:

    I just recently used the scheduled post to post a quiz for my supply teacher on a day that I was scheduled to be absent. I scheduled the quiz for 5am so that it would be available to students by 9:30am that same day. However the post did not show up until later in the day. Not sure at what time though. Is this possibly due to different time zones? Which time zone is EDMODO working in ?
    Jacky 🙂

  8. Shanon Juneau says:

    Hi Lucia-

    I’m probably overlooking something, but when I tried to set my time zone, I could not find my zone. I set mine for USA -Denver because I know their time zone, but I would like to have my actual time. I live in Lafayette, Louisiana. Which one am I supposed to pick?

  9. Piet says:

    It would really be nice to pin notes etc. to the top. After many learner comments the important notes from the teacher get lost between the learners postings.

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