5 Problems Edmodo Helps Me Solve

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January 14th, 2013

This is a guest post from Naomi Epstein, an EFL teacher who is a national counselor of English for the deaf and hard of hearing in Israel. The full version of her post can be found on her blog at visualisingideas.edublogs.org. If you are interested in contributing to the Edmodo Blog, please complete this form.

I first learned about Edmodo from Sandy Millin’s detailed post back in June, 2011. I recently got a chance to try it with a new course I was teaching for hearing adults.

The course ended last night and here are a 5 problems Edmodo helped me solve:

1) Missing Assignments

No student claimed that he/she didn’t know which assignment he/she was supposed to have done (or that I never said it needed to be done). Edmodo shows the students very clearly, both in a written list and in a graphic representation which assignments are waiting to done, which have been completed and how they were graded. Complete with comments!

2) Lost Homework

No assignments were ever misplaced or lost. On Edmodo all tasks are handed in online and saved.

3) Copying

Students didn’t copy one another’s work.

4) Less Paper

Edmodo makes it possible to be almost paperless. I didn’t come home with piles of papers every lesson and carry them back the next lesson. I only carried home certain vocabulary quizzes which I wanted the  students to do in class – everything else was handed in and checked online.

5) Forgetting Names

Students can upload a profile picture. Remembering 38 students’ names was more successful this time around (though not perfect -only half of the students bothered to upload a picture.). I had a terrible time with names last course!

Edmodo Helped Us Stay Organized (in Hebrew!)

During the last lesson we discussed Edmodo and almost all students said that  it helped them be more organized (me too!). They also said they liked the fact that they could easily write me with questions. If it was really needed, I sometimes answered in Hebrew – Edmodo supports that too!

After working with Edmodo for the last two and a half months, I’m going to explore using it in two more ways:

  • As a platform to collaborate with other high-schools of the Deaf around the world (we have been using a blog for this)
  • As a platform for an asynchronous 3-week online course for deaf and hard of hearing high-school students mainstreamed into regular classes

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