Making Global Connections: The Edmodo Pen Pal Project

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January 23rd, 2013

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This is a guest post from Tina Schmidt, a 3rd grade teacher at St. Ignatius of Antioch in Yardley, Pennsylvania. This post can also be found on her blog at If you are interested in contributing to the Edmodo Blog, please complete this form.

Edmodo is an excellent platform for creating connections between classrooms in different parts of the world. In the past, I’ve always had “snail mail” pen pals for my 3rd grade students, but once I found Edmodo, I realized it was the perfect place for online pen pals. I created the Edmodo Pen Pal Project in conjunction with the Global Classroom Project.

How it Works

Step 1. Teachers sign their classes up and are linked with 3 other classrooms from different regions of the world.

Step 2. Using Edmodo, teachers create a groups for 4-5 students (we call these clusters).

Step 3. Teachers then take turns providing discussion topics for the students. Students then use Edmodo to chat about these topics and teachers moderate these discussions.

Sample topics might include: favorite foods, holidays, school subjects, free time activities, sports, etc. Upper grades might also discuss current events or topics for a certain historical event.  Teachers may also decide to put students into small groups for a book discussion or to collaborate on a writing project.

Join Now! 

The next round of the Edmodo Pen Pal Project will begin in February and run until May. It is appropriate for students ages 7 to 18 and will help students learn to respect and appreciate the opinions, cultures and customs of others.

Sign up, ask questions, and get more information by visiting the project’s wiki.

11 responses to “Making Global Connections: The Edmodo Pen Pal Project”

  1. Kyle Kuhlers says:

    I am the advisor for a student group called FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America. My students are in grades 9-12. We participate in many service activities and give students opportunities to relate to the real world with many activities.

    I have 9 officers that will be the main group communicating as part of this project, but we have 101 members, all of which will be invited to participate. We are excited to participate in this great experience for our students.

  2. Jodi Ehlers says:

    I could see this an exciting project for my Computer Literacy class right now… and would also like to use it for an 8th grade exploratory business class I begin mid-March for 4th quarter.
    Thank you… tell me what I have to do 🙂
    Jodi Ehlers
    Edgewood-Colesburg High School
    Edgewood, Iowa

  3. Tina Schmidt says:

    Kyle and Jodi,
    Thanks for the interest in the project! Just fill in the sign up form on the project wiki and you will be contacted with more info in February.
    Project wiki –
    Tina Schmidt

  4. Judy Symes says:

    I have 6th and 8th grade computer technology classes. We are becoming and IB school and this would be a good way to cover our International Mindedness. Please let me know what I need to do for this. This is GREAT! Thank you!

  5. Jerrica Scott says:

    I am very interested in this project! I teach the fifth grade, and my students love all things technology. I will also serve as an artifact that I am attempting to make my students globally competitive.

  6. Sasha Oster says:

    I submitted a request to be signed up just now but there is no screen that says “Thanks for the submission” so I have no idea is the message went through. This article also refers to wiki that is not on the oage. At a loss here. If this is a live connection, please contact me to sign up my English class to be pen pals via edmondo.

    Sasha Oster
    Comstock Middle School
    Santa Rosa, CA

  7. Tina Schmidt says:

    I emailed you the link to the wiki page with project and sign up info. It is also listed in my comment above (3rd one). Thanks for the interest in the project!

  8. Abby says:

    Hi!!! This looks like a great idea! I will be doing this with my 5th grade class. But the problem is, i signed up and i didnt get an email. Does anyone know what to do about this??

  9. Diane Peterson says:

    I’ve signed up and am watching and waiting for an email to confirm. Will the program be starting throughout the month of February? I’ll keep an eye on my inbox. Thanks! Looking forward to this experience!

  10. Hari kadel says:

    I want to be associated with it and ask you to add me in the mail list of the teachers. Thank you .

  11. Ana María Ramos says:

    hello i am an English teacher from Colombia i want to
    start a pen pals project with my students Do you want to help me ? i like to do it with native speakers.

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