Celebrate Digital Learning Day! 3 Ways to Participate with Edmodo

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January 28th, 2013

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Digital Learning Day  is dedicated to celebrating teachers and shining a spotlight on technology use in classrooms across the country. Mark your calendars, this year it’s being celebrated on February 6, 2013.

As an Edmodo educator, you’re doing great things with technology. Digital Learning Day is a great occasion to have that work recognized by sharing it with other educators who want to find new ways to integrate technology into their classrooms. Let’s use this day to help make our global community even stronger!

Here are 3 ways to Participate in Digital Learning Day with Edmodo:

1. Invite a Teacher to Join Edmodo
Do you know a teacher at your school who isn’t on Edmodo yet? Send them a personal invitation to join Edmodo. Just go to your profile page, select the “Invite a teacher” button, and type in their email address. You can also help them get started by sharing these teacher rollout resources.

2. Share Something Special in an Edmodo Community
Shine light on an effective use of technology in the classroom by sharing a story about a teaching moment where technology helped your or one of your students.

Whether it was a lesson you taught that students had a great reaction to, a resource your students love, or a moment during class where you thought, “this is why I became a teacher!” Share your story in a  subject area community on Edmodo to inspire others.

3. Download Our Free Kit & Teach Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship refers to the new codes of conduct we all must adopt to be safe, responsible and respectful participants in today’s digitally connected culture.

If you have not had a chance to do so, check out the Digital Citizenship Starter Kit from Edmodo and Common Sense Media. The kit is available in the Digital Citizenship Community and includes a series of activities you can complete in Edmodo to help teach students about digital citizenship. View the Digital Citizenship webinar to learn more.

8 responses to “Celebrate Digital Learning Day! 3 Ways to Participate with Edmodo”

  1. JoAnn Filer says:

    Just set up a group for the LAL teachers to promote PD and collegiality.

  2. Simon Withey says:

    Hi Lucia

    Just to let you know on the 5th Feb 2013 is Safer Internet Day.

    This is a HUGE event globally http://www.saferinternetday.org/web/guest

    May humbly suggest that Digital Learning Day either incorporates SID 2014 or leave it a week after. SID is always the first Tuesday in Feb

    Edmodo users in the 90 countries that supports SID will find it very difficult to run a Digital Learning Day in addition to SID.

    Even better why not get involved with SID 2014! as an institution? http://www.saferinternetday.org/web/guest/supporter-registration

    Kind regards
    Simon Withey
    Edmodo Certified Trainer

  3. Hola
    Thank you for your invite.Very interested in hearing stories and sharing mine.

  4. Sandy Ayala says:

    thanks for the invitation and congratulation for the idea.
    It´s great.

  5. Dodie Singer says:

    Do you have any links or websites for librarians?

    • Suzanne Kennedy says:

      I too am interested in a way to link with librarians. I am a middle school librarian using 1:1 iPads. Would love to have other librarians to share how they are using iPads as resource in library!

  6. Dodie Singer says:

    Do you have any links or websites for librarians to share books talks on?

  7. Huda Rasheed says:

    Hello every one on edmodo,
    its good to hear about edmodo’s activities going regarding Digital Day celebration and Safe Internet day. I will try to raise an awarness pertinent to these days . Edmodo news letter is realy informative to me . Now I would regularly attend all the edmodo news letters.
    Hyderabad, Pakistan

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