History Teacher Brian Schum’s Students Stay Up Late Using Edmodo

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February 12th, 2013

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Brian Schum is a middle/high school History teacher at Henderson University School. 

Edmodo is the one tool that has made the most impact on what I am able to do as a teacher.

Where Learning Happens

I use my Edmodo classroom to:

  • Create and curate an archive of resources that can be accessed by students 24/7
  • Extend the learning that happens beyond the confines of the normal school day
  • Showcase examples of excellent student work to inspire others
  • Communicate homework to students and parents

No Homework Left Behind, Paperless Classroom

The ability to collect, grade, and comment on assignments electronically is my favorite feature. Prior to integrating Edmodo it was a nightmare trying to coordinate and organize the submission of digital work. Edmodo has allowed me to expand the range of options that students have for completing assignments and projects.

Field Trips Are More Fun

Edmodo has been great for allowing collaboration and sharing beyond the normal school day. I lead a student trip to different parts of the country every year and not every student can attend but we are able to connect with the ones back in school using Edmodo as a medium for communication.

Students can post pictures and Voicethreads from the road to share the trip with those back home. Last year I took a set of Chromebooks with us to Washington D.C. After visiting the Holocaust Memorial we gave them an assignment to reflect on what they had learned.

It was incredible to have a group of students working in the hotel lobby until well after midnight because they were very moved and wanted to share their experiences.

Live Blogging Presidential Debates

We also used Edmodo to live blog the debates this year. I had a colleague cohost the discussion to ask questions, explain key ideas, and embed polls during the debates. Students were highly engaged in the political discourse when they normally would have changed the channel and been uninterested. It also led to some interesting conversations between students and their parents that they told us about.

Professional Development

Edmodo also provides a platform for professional development and conference workshops. Collaborating with colleagues and creating PLCs at work.

Advice to New Edmodo Teachers

Edmodo is not a “cure all” for every  problem that you face as a teacher but it does make many aspects of the job much easier. Be creative and use it to extend the reach of what you are already doing well in the classroom.

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