Teacher Cary Fields Shares the Power of Edmodo at Parent Conferences

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February 27th, 2013

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Cary Fields is an 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Castle Dome Middle School in Yuma, Arizona. Connect with Cary on Edmodo or follow her @techeteacher!

Making the Decision to Flip My Classroom

Two years ago, I found myself struggling with students who were constantly missing class. Edmodo gave me an easy and painless way to flip my classroom.

I began by embedding lessons I videotaped via Camtasia and various screencasting iPad apps. This helped me reach all my students and extend their learning beyond the confines of my classroom and the traditional school day schedule.

Creating a Community

Students loved the virtual community feel of Edmdodo.  They liked being able to help their peers via Edmodo by sharing files, answering questions, and earning badges.

Better still, I found that parents loved that their kids were working in a safe environment on educational things in their down time and expanding their digital citizenship skills.

Embedding Resources in One Safe Place

My favorite feature has to be the ability to embed media into the Edmodo environment.  I can have students view a short video from YouTube or wherever without having to send them off to a different site.

I feel secure in knowing that resources I find can be contain in the one-stop shop that is Edmodo.  The embed feature is not limited to the main posting area either.  I can embed a Scribd document a SchoolTube video, or a ShowMe screencast lesson in a quiz or test.

Sharing the Power of Edmodo at Parent Conferences

A great project that I have done this year using Edmodo has been the Wiki Creation project in my advanced language arts class. For this project, I placed students into small groups and within their group they were required to show evidence of collaboration, file sharing and planning for their project. Students shared links, embedded videos, exchanged documents and sorted through their assignments.

The latest version of Edmodo enabled me to see student activity, so I based part of my rubric on time on task. This amazing feature made grading so easy. I was later able to integrate this feature in parent conferences; being able to show how students spent their time on Edmodo.

Engaging with the GoAnimate and Pixton Apps

I love the creativity that GoAnimate allows my students and me to express. From expanding on their understanding of literature by creating a “deleted scene” from a novel that they have read, to a way for me to entice students with a virtual book jacket preview to a complicated text, the simplicity of creating the assignment with the app integrated into it, its uses are endless.

Pixton Comic Creator has been a lifesaver in reaching reluctant readers.  With this app, I have had defiant students who refused to read aloud, create poetry comic books to share in class via video and embedding onto edmodo.

My Advice to Teachers Getting  Started With Edmodo

If you are slightly nervous in using Edmodo with your students, start out using it as a way to grow your Personal Learning Network.  Make connections with teachers from all over the world.

Edmodo makes it possible to reach out across the confines of your classroom walls.  I look at it as we are all working for each other.  A massive community of educators!


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